Professional Life Coach needs biz card with 'Punch'

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Winning design #131 by imagedpi, Business Card Design for Professional Life Coach needs biz card with 'Punch' Contest
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Project description

I am looking for an attention-grabbing, bold business card. Sophisticated. Less is more. Not "techie" looking. Based in Marin County- so Mt. Tamalpais speaks to me. Like (not married to) the idea of one mountain directly behind the other to represent client and coach. Favorite Logo: Nike- Just Do It. The image I am seeking is not cold and corporate, yet not warm and fuzzy. I like these colors: Red, black and cream. No rainbows. Could have a tag line after or below PERSONAL PEAK . Examples:
Imagine the View
Reach Your Summit
What's your Peak?

Biz card can be two sided. Paper color does not have to be white, Layout can go either way. Font is important to me. Card MUST BE EASY TO READ. Can supply address, phone, e-mail, etc. Web site not yet started.

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  • sorry the word mistake (pick) the correct design is number 29
  • ***Designers, please note that the correct size should be standard 3.5 x 2 inches ***
  • I just wanted to make sure that these are supposed to be 3x2.5 rather than the standard 3.5 x 2 correct? Thanks in advance!
  • Lets put LIFE COACH on the back instead of professional life coach. Maybe we should tone down the yellow a bit? Still keep it rich but not quite as bright?
  • See previous message- Thank you for participating!
  • Thank you for your desing- however I am going in a lighter direction
  • i mean #96
  • for #95 & #95, i change the color of the contact details to be more readable...
  • compare it with #93 if you like grey..
  • Yes! Don't you think?
  • I like this--but not as much as others. The shape of the peaks is too wispy I think
  • Reach your summit is better is grey--thank you!
  • I like the Reach Your Summit in grey better after all-on both sides
  • i'm sorry, i can't make the perfect one..
  • we fixed this in revised version
  • I like the sun image better:-) Tough choice!
  • Thank you for your design--too much mountain for me
  • We fixed this in #91--which I is what I am looking for
  • on the back, how to put the Personal Peak in gold too ?
  • About #90 Revised version. If you have anymore suggestions please ask.