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Winning design #8 by serexzo, Business Card Design for Quality Rental - Die Cast Card Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by serexzo

Project description

Looking to have a double layered silk card made up. Will be printing using http://4colorprint.com/print/Business-Cards-Silkcards-X Templates and specs can be found at the link. Looking for something that stands out from the crowd hence going with the die cast dual layer silk card to create a unique 3d effect. Want 6mm rounded corners. Also open to other options including color border, foil, or spot UV if you feel the desire to incorporate that in your design entry. I don't want to limit creativity, but my first thoughts were to create a professional yet unique black card. The 3D portion I thought could be in the shape of a wedding tent whether just an outline or silhouette. The business is primarily focused on Tent, Wedding and Event rentals. There is also a decent size equipment division. The company website www.qualityrental.com should give an idea of what we do. Design entries do not need to follow this concept, but that was my original idea. Below this paragraph is an archive with vector logos, some card samples from the printing site which I find attractive, and photos which you can choose or choose not to use in the card. There is also an extremely rough and poorly designed photo of the concept I described above. http://www.mediafire.com/download/2fffgbsa9wefjfc/BCARD.rar Things I wish to definitely include My Name: James Frechette Store Name and/or Logo: Quality Rental Email: James@qualityrental.com Website: www.qualityrental.com Phone Numbers: 401-725-0928 800-842-7368 Physical Address: 390 Walcott Street Pawtucket, RI 02860 Potentially include: What we do: Event and Tent Rentals Party Supplies and Inflatables Homeowner and Contractor Equipment Rental

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  • Card has a nice simple look. Was looking to take advantage of the Die Cast feature a little bit more as I mentioned in the description to make something that stands out from the crowd.
  • Best submission I have seen so far. Tough to tell what is raised and not on this design, but I think the logo/tent/yellow border would be great as the top layer.
  • I like the use of the translucent logo die-cast on the front but overall the card is just too plain. Really looking for something that stands out.
  • Looks good. Name is a nice clean font and stands out well. Unsure how the die cut would work on the design and whether to put more information on the plain backside such as what we do as a company.
  • Flows well. Fonts are clean. Looks nice. Not sure if the die cut will work well for the front or not. Back could probably have what we do in all of the blank area.
  • Dear CH, please check my designs & appreciated feedback thanks
  • Not really what I was looking for. Too simplistic , didn't utilize the die cast cut, and doesn't get across what the company is about.
  • Looks simple and clean. Was looking to create something that really stands out from the crowd though. These designs don't seem to utilize the die cast cutting all that much. They are clean and professional but didn't quite create the unique impression I was going for.
    • Dear CH, Thanks for feedback, please have look my new designs & feedback thanks