Quintelic - Sensor Systems Procurement & Advisory.

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Winning design #237 by HYPdesign, Business Card Design for Quintelic - Sensor Systems Procurement & Advisory. Contest
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designed by HYPdesign

Project description

Quintelic is a progressive and committed Sensor Systems Procurement Agency who supports mid-, to large sized corporations and governmental agencies in their provision and sourcing of large sensor systems for critical infrastructure, border security, or defence related systems. Typical sensors that corporations or governmental agencies buy, and where Quintelic gives advice, are: radar and thermal cameras.

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  • please check this, i hope you like it. thank you. #239
  • Update, feedback please. #238
  • Last test I think...make the slogan not in capital letters...if the text becomes difficult to read space the letters in the slogan a bit...and then try also once to invert the two shades of black in the front..so the sphere has then darker grey and the background has the lighter grey...thanks #223
    • @capofhenrik Not a problem. Please check #236 and #237

  • Feedback please. #228
    • @devenkshp Maybe too much orange on the black front, thanks

  • Can you do this one but with the front in black and grey like #233 ? #145
  • another color #231
  • please check entry #230 .if you need any change or modify please let me know, thank you.
  • Can you make Founding Partner not Capital? Thanks #196
    • @capofhenrik Of course. Please check entry #223

  • If you could also slightly change the spacing of the letters in the web address on the front? Thanks #198
  • Can you make Founding Partner not Capital? Question: Is the back paper slightly gray? #198
  • I think for this version I would not put any information under Henrik Olsson and Founding partner...either we skip the web address on the back since it's already on the front , or we put it under the address #218
  • Dear sir,
    check my design. I hope you like my design. Thank you #212
  • Separate a bit the letters in the web address on the front. #172
    • @capofhenrik Hello ch, Thank you so much for feedback also rating, please check updated front side hopefully you will like thanks again

  • Another font option for you to reconsider #196
  • I'd like for you to try a slimmer font if possible... #131
    • @capofhenrik Got it. Slimmer font used on #194 & #195

    • @capofhenrik Got it. Slimmer font used on #194 & #195

  • Change place on location from the front with web address on the back. Also separate the letters a bit on the web address. #131
    • @capofhenrik No problem. Changes made, as requested. Please have a look #194 & #195

  • put Henrik where Mölndal is and put Mölndal in the list with the phone number etc...and perhaps puch up the Quentelic logo on the back... #132
  • It's better balanced than #183 #182
  • It's a bit too busy for me... #192
  • I like the small font better on Henrik Olsson than in #125 #131