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Project description

A new business card.

We would like to create a new design for our business card AND an email signature with hyperlinks to email and web site.

We have the logo designed already, so the project is strictly about the design of the business cards and email signature.  

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  • About #91, @rajagee
  • About #89, @rajagee
  • same here - let's finalize asap #91
    • @Rainmaker Thank you sir.

  • Rajagee, we need to work on finalizing now #89
  • center line little thinner #107
  • new design included shorter height & width #104
  • About #89, @rajagee back of the card embossed
  • About #91, @rajagee i have changes the font & top Bottom lines
  • Dear sir, yes back of the business card embossed & i have make the all changes as your required, please feel free to ask me any changes i am still there thanks
  • I can embossed perfectly as per your needs, You may glance on this entry , Please share your thoughts...
  • About #88, @rajagee
    why are you not answering anymore?!

    we are ready to award you 2 designs for cards and email signature but I raised questions and you disappeared!
    • @Rainmaker Hello sir, i am reply all question but i think dc website problem.

    • @Rainmaker I can adjusted things according to your needs , if you need anything let me know for example embossing the back-side of Business card and what is your query for email signature, I happy to help you :)

  • Rajagee,

    Please look at all my latest comments, you have not adjusted accordingly
  • Dear CH, i have confirm i uploaded business card back design is a embossed
  • About #79, @rajagee Dear CH, Thanks for appreciated feedback & rating i uploaded 2 different options Project Director one line & 2 line also gray color is your 100% construction color Thanks again
    • About #81, @rajagee
      Rajagee, is the bull embossed on back?

    • About #89, @Rainmaker
      please answer last comments / questions

    • @Rainmaker Sir after award the project i uploaded html email signature included hyperlink

    • About #75, @Rainmaker
      Rajagee... where are you?
      we are almost done but I still have questions and your silence worries me

      please answer the embossing questions and the font options as it is the last few points before awarding the project

      please see the 2 important comments on 75

      please answer

    • @Rainmaker Dear Ch, yes of course back of the card is emboss design & font i uploaded new designs variation use different fonts please check my last designs

    • About #75, @Rainmaker Embossed of the card.

  • About #19, @rajagee


    how will you make the email and url a hyperlink in white?
    • About #91, @Rainmaker
      please answer - thanks

  • @rainmaker
    I have not copied any concept, concept doesn't have worth in the mind but it has to be view in the action..

    for further more clarification I have upload 2 variations to show you for review them after that i created the email signature to match or relevant to business card design which was originally created and uploaded by me.

    if you need to change anything, i would happy to make you satisfied with any single point as per your needs!!!

    Bottom Line:
    Yesterday i uploaded 2 new entries but i was about to leave in some emergency so that's why couldn't send you message along with my entries..
  • can you try to make this faded bull just just bigger enough so that the top of tail appears above red block? #88
  • try a font a little shorter in hight but stretched in width? not sure if it makes sense #88
  • please confirm again the email address and url will be hyperlinked #88
  • great! now, try those lines a little little thinner don,t forget to show me new fonts for lettering #88