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Winning design #62 by manila, Business Card Design for Start-up seeking simple, clean, disruptive business card Contest
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designed by manila

Project description

Looking for a business card design that is extremely simple and clean. Would like to see options with only the logo on the front of the card and only a few contact details on the back including name, title, phone, email and web address. The title will be optional for our employees so make sure the card would look okay with the title missing. Web address is Please use the following fake information to populate the rest of the card: Name: Joe Aggie. Title: Energy Coach. Phone: 555-555-5555. Email

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  • Is it important the design be on a white background? If so. i will redo what i have done. My thoughts are the logo looks pretty sharp on blue and brings out the drop shadow in your logo.
  • Thanks for the question, JMPW. When we talk about being disruptive we are really focused on being different and not just doing what other people do for no good reason. It started with our name. We could have been 5 Energy or 5 Consulting but we wanted to just be 5 so that people would have to initially feel that we were different. The same concept goes for our business cards. We don't want to put a bunch of meaningless data like addresses and business cards when 98% of the people who will ever see this card only need our phone, email, name and website. Hope that answered your question
  • Please explain what you mean by "disruptive". Thanks!
  • About #45 The 5 in the logo would be a die cut area.
  • hello CH, here's my concept, very minimalist. My idea was : company and website on one side, and only personal details on the other.
  • Can we now see a vevision that also shows the same back side only now put the name and title at the top right and the other info either on the bottom left or bottom right?
  • Some of us have long names, can you show this again with a slightly smaller logo and use the fake name Brian Texasaggie. Thanks
  • #27 the update looks great, thanks.
  • Yes, because 3"x 2.5" is not the standard for a business card (or at least not in South Africa, where I'm from).
  • Is it me or are some of these designs placed on a card that is not to your specs of a 3" x 2.5".
  • Hai CH, this is my concept design. very simple and very clean haha,, XD Thanks before . . .
  • To imagedFX, the background does not have to be white. So far we have liked some that were white and some that are not white.
  • Cool design. Can you remove the P and E on the back side, we do not think the email and phone really need to be identified
  • Cool look, can you edit the back side to remove the icon for email and phone, those are not needed and it ends up being too many bubbles. thanks
  • dear ch, i submit design #75.. simple and clean just like you ask for.. if you have some suggestions, just write them down.. regards
  • Hi, Number 73 and 74. Oh sorry about that... Best, Jessica
  • Hi, An extraordinary Design that matching to your Ethics....Expecting your Valuable suggestions.... Thanks
  • thanks for the feedback! here is my revision on your requested changes (smaller font name, web address to the first side).. thanks again!
  • Can you make the font for the name smaller and move the web address to the first side as well. That way the back page only shows the blue background and logo.
  • Mr. Contest Holder, I don't have any fancy backgrounds to present the design on, but I am going for clean and simple, but retro on my first two. I am presenting custom typography in #47 and #54. #58 I have never seen anything like it but your company's name presents this unique opportunity to play on the Roman numeral for 5 :)