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Winning design #123 by HYPdesign, Business Card Design for Survey Pro Contest
Gold Medal

designed by HYPdesign

Project description

I require a new business card for my new business please.

A business card is a lasting first impression on potential clients thus I have opted to have one of you design me something that will present me as a professional in my trade.

The card can be portrait or landscape and will be printed with full gloss or part gloss / part matted. The amount of gloss and matted finish is up to the designer. I will have it printed accordingly.

The card will be double sided. One side will show all the information + some colour/s, the other side will only show a large version of the logo with my phone number on it.

The winning design needs to be smart and bold with the  colours of the logo including the/a grey or darker variations of it (don't go lighter than this grey). The orange needs to be exactly the same colour but you can use effects to present the logo even though it may change the colours a little bit as long as the base orange exists as per the image provided.

Additionally, re: they grey, this might be a good background colour which will highlight the orange and white and make them appear brighter. I think the darker the grey the more the other colours http://will.......POP! I found that the lighter the grey the http://more.....dirtier the orange appeared, so PLEASE don't go lighter. The grey need not be a flat colour, some sort of mesh pattern or a Japanese rising sun design in greys perhaps, play with it.

I have included some images I found looking on google of designs I like, sorry if one of these images is yours, I just searched and saved a couple of nice ones, it's a compliment and not an attempt of any breach. Please refer to these designs as a guide for your ideas but do not limit yourself strictly to what you see there.

The original design competition for the logo is linked below, thank you to Zounds for this awesome winning design. For any information you may refer to that brief also:

What needs to be on the card (in any order that works)?

Side A:

Survey Pro Logo


Full Name
Mobile Phone
Email Address

Side B:

Just a bold, bright and smart looking Survey Pro logo with my mobile phone number somewhere nearby, centred below or wherever.

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  • if you like my designs so plz give me feedback and if you want any changing so let me know thanks... #146
    • @magraphics not a fan of the silver writing but the one with orange is nice. Sorry everyone, i am limited to my mobile device and the design contest mibile site is shit. Is not working properly on my jnternet provider, chrome or firefox.

  • Hello sir please take a look and feebback.
  • Enhanced visibility of contact detail icons, for entry #131 & #132
  • same front & back logo size #128
  • I love this design too but i would prefer to see the logo centred in the grey area as is in the white area on the white side. Thank you. #120
    • @cmg2121 Thanks please check new design included changes i hope you like

  • I love the honeycomb effect given by placing the circles together on the background but i dont really like the light grey, sorry, it would have to be darkenned i think. #124
  • Hi, I made a mock up with UV spot example. Hope you like. #125
    • Thank you your entry, i LOVE thw background on this card. Looks really really good. @ymkio

  • More balanced front side. #123
  • ...and new option for the front side. #122
  • Dear CH, please check my new design variations i hope you like appreciated feedback thanks #120
  • Updates for previous entry #37 - #114 & #115
  • @cmg2121 Hi. Here are the grey versions, as you've requested #109 and #110 ... I have integrated also the changes you have discussed with me earlier. Thanks!
  • Got it. Will work on the revision. Thanks!
    • @nicanics Thank you. Just a quick thing too while you are in there. What will the final product look like in grey instead of blue please. I love these stripes, they look like seat belts from a car or a nice suit. Cheers.

    • @cmg2121 Will work on it too. Thanks!

  • ...and blue option #108
  • Back to lighter grey #107
  • After those changes are implemented can you show a new design with the following changes to the white side only please:

    Use the blue stripes as you have done on the front of the card from midway between "Survey Pro" & "John Smith" down all the way to the bottom of the card and flip your text colours for the contact details so they are still legible on the blue background. Lastly, reinstate the white down the edges of the card about the same width as your "S" for Smith, you might have to change the address line to be spread over 2 lines.

    Thank you. Sorry if i am not clear. #90
  • Can you try placing my logo in the centre on the white side please then insert another 2 or 3 logos at the top to fade as you have done already, like, but fade all the way accross The card.

    Thanks. #90
  • Thats great, thank you, but your boardering on black, it needs to come back to grey. #93
  • About #105 please check my first design, @Suleman khan