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Winning design #55 by bramdwi, Business Card Design for Technology Company Business Card Design Contest
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designed by bramdwi

Project description

Professional Business card required . Landscape or Portrait. Double sided full colour. Background can be any colour, not just black or white

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  • Hi Miankashi yes you are free to use any background you wish and it should be double sided
  • plz clear this sir! only white background can be used or we are free to use coloured background and it is necessary that it should be double sided
  • please revise this as a double sided card
  • no pink and remove slogan
  • needs more professionalism and corporate feel
  • love what you have done with the logo and the background. nedds to see some revisions
  • like the services site the contact details side needs to be more corporate professional. we cant determine what is the front or back
  • Like the front. the be back needs to look mor professional and corporate
  • Dear CH, #21 is my entry of a Business Card Design with UV lamination and Die cut. I have made in detail with explanation of my ideas. Thanks,
  • Hi All Designers. Some good stuff here so far. Here is a bit more direction. *We would like to stick with a square or rounded corner card. no other shape. * The name does not need to be too large. Keep it very corporate * the internal bit of the H needs to be white
  • Hi Sumesh The logo needs to be the same as provided, with the white in the H and strip can you also experiment with Red and white backgrounds
  • I like the front of this card. however there is no need to repead the website more than once it clutters it up
  • The name on the card is not important and doesnt have to be so big
  • Take the glow away from the happy technologies wording
  • Dear CH, #36 is my entry with a business card design. A Corporate look and feel. On the front red strip( All the services names can be done in white/gold foiling and embossed) and In the front the name can be embossed and UV can be done on top of the Logos(H) on both the side. Thanks,
  • Can I ask which design was that? I checked all of them, and I haven't find the "original" one.
  • Copy of another entrant's design.
  • Can i see this with the red strip in it as seen in #51 also online pc shop needs a capital O
  • Hi CH Please check my designs #60 #59 #58 John
  • Hello Boss, If there's no other problem with the file don't forget to release the prize :) best regards, bram