The Legal Utility Infielder & Associates

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Winning design #31 by akhilgirijan, Business Card Design for The Legal Utility Infielder & Associates Contest
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designed by akhilgirijan

Project description

I need a business card for The Legal Utility Infielder & Associates, a small legal practice with Ivy League talent providing exceptional legal support and advice to all types of businesses (public, private, start-up) in all industries,  investors, entrepreneurs and individuals. Like a utility infielder capable of playing many positions on star-studded baseball team, we are capable of "playing" all legal positions and covering most legal practice areas extremely well (as a client might expect of its General Counsel if only they had adequate resources for a full-time in-house legal team). Geographically, we focus on the Northeast Corridor, from Washington DC to Boston, and have the ability to work remotely, on site and travel anywhere as needed. The card should convey the nature of the business and include a memorable logo, my name and title (Mark L. Shwartz, Principal), company name, mobile phone number and email address.

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  • Hi there markshwartz1 this is a business card contest, not a logo contest. If you need a logo please increase your to cover a logo and business card You need to increase your prize amount $319.00 more dollars

    Thank you
    • @sharie Yes, I am seeking a business card. I have chosen the winner and will work with him to tweak and finalize in the next 7 days. Mark

    • @markshwartz1, I have done changes in logo according to your instructions, but I am unable to upload the new design as the contest expired. I think you need to select me as the winner then only I can able to upload the new design as One on One's contest.

    • @markshwartz1 This contest is still in expired mode choosing a winner You will need to be logged in and on your contest page with the entries. You will see the trophy icon on your right (next to the sort by options, under the "blue" upgrade contest button) 1. When you click on the trophy icon you will see medal outlines on all of the entries. if you see only rated..look to your viewing left and uncheck rated only box, all entries will now show 2. Click on the entry you want for gold, then silver and then bronze (silver and bronze do not receive money but they do get extra designer points and they work hard for the 2nd and 3rd place medals) All 3 medals would need to be different designers 3. After you have your medal winners the contest then goes into finalization. You will see a green download source file button and grey request changes button. These buttons will take you to the private finalization where you have 7 more days to work with your winner on minor changes you may need or want The articles can help guide you in the finalization Please let us know if you need help choosing your winners or need help in finalization Thank you

    • @sharie hello, I have received a comment that I have been selected as the winner of this contest and since as its 2 days am not getting any response from the CH.

  • Hello CH, please check the updated designs and I personally suggest you sample 1 and 2 which give more professional feel than the design with feather and the icon in the left corner. #31
    • @akhilgirijan Congratulations, Akhil. You're my guy and your design is the winner. We have 7 days to finalize the design. I will review your most recent revisions and get back to you soonest. Mark

    • @markshwartz1 Hello mark, am waiting for your response.

  • This version can be eliminated. #31
  • This version can be eliminated. #31
  • This version can be eliminated. #31
  • There should be a period (".") at the end of the sentence. #31
  • May I see a version with the home plate a little higher AND with the feather put back in. (FRONT AND BACK) #31
  • Can the red line extend a little further along the bottom and the top of the card so it will start out a bit thicker? #31
  • Hello ch, please check my design hopefully you will like appreciated feedback thanks #29
  • White line is too wide on the back. See my Comment #4. #26
  • Please insert the feather on front and back. You may need to move the home plate logo a bit higher, too. I'd also like to see this card, with all of the other edits showing the logo in 3 positions: (i) above the company name, (ii) below the company name and (iii) in the upper left corner. Thanks. We're getting there. ,#26
  • Can you move the logo up and to the left, please. #26
  • Can you move the logo up and to the left, please. #26
  • Can you please bring the blue and red lines to a point in the upper right corner and the lower left corner. I think I prefer this slightly wider red line (compared to Version 1, above) but I'd like to see them come to a point on both ends (similar to Version 1). #26
  • I prefer the white lines on the back of this card better than the wider white in version 2, below. #26
  • Please complete the outline of home plate in all cases. The top line is missing. #26
  • Delete & and replace with a comma (",") in all versions.
    Also, add the word "well" at the end of the definition. #26
  • Eliminate this design. missing home plate around logo #26
  • Please restore the feather quill pen [FRONT AND BACK]. I'd like to see the finished product with AND without the feather. #23
  • May I please see the revised definition with different indenting for the second line: (i) the second line begins directly under the "A" in the first line and (ii) the second line begins directly under the second "i" in Utility. #23