The Legal Utility Infielder & Associates

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Project description

I need a business card for The Legal Utility Infielder & Associates, a small legal practice with Ivy League talent providing exceptional legal support and advice to all types of businesses (public, private, start-up) in all industries,  investors, entrepreneurs and individuals. Like a utility infielder capable of playing many positions on star-studded baseball team, we are capable of "playing" all legal positions and covering most legal practice areas extremely well (as a client might expect of its General Counsel if only they had adequate resources for a full-time in-house legal team). Geographically, we focus on the Northeast Corridor, from Washington DC to Boston, and have the ability to work remotely, on site and travel anywhere as needed. The card should convey the nature of the business and include a memorable logo, my name and title (Mark L. Shwartz, Principal), company name, mobile phone number and email address.

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