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Winning design #86 by TCMdesign, Business Card Design for Trentino Gelato, Contest
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designed by TCMdesign

Project description

With more than 12 years of experience, Trentino Gelato manufactures and sells gelato popsicles, pints and pans to retailers and restaurants across Texas. We are looking for a new business card design that is clean and bright while incorporating our brand personality:

Tasty, Honest, Happy & Friendly, Innovative, Exciting, Premium

The business card needs to allow room for the following information:

- logo
- website address (
- employee name
- employee position
- email address
- phone number (281-369-4474)
- fax number (281-661-8204)

The business card should be 2 sided and the standard size of 3.5" x 2". We have provided some images for you to use but also please feel free to create your own images or graphics for this work. There is no color preference.

Include 0.125" bleed around the edge; the final file should be delivered in Photoshop .psd format.

Good luck, we can't wait to see what you come up with!

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  • Hi, Thanks for your feedback. I submitted some revisions. Please check again. Thanks. #104
  • Instead of gelato pops & Pints try FOOD SERVICE & WHOLESALING #87
  • Instead of gelato pops & Pints try FOOD SERVICE & WHOLESALING #88
  • Hello ch, please check my design in you contest hopefully you will like appreciated feedback thanks #85
  • Hi, dear @marcelo1!

    I prepared another version with photos on both sides. Please feel free to comment! #61

    Kindest regards
  • About #3, @AHDesigns @marcelo1

    Please check design #50
  • Love the back but don't like the corners of the front. #39
  • How about replacing the photo at front with another one different than the one used at the back? #3
  • Maybe removing the colored corner and add an photo there instead? #19
  • Any way to add an image on the front side? #32
  • How about showing a gelato scoop in the front instead of the one gelato pop? #37
  • Hi, dear @marcelo1!
    Check please my entries #42, #43 and #44. I'd love to hear what do you think about them.

    Thanks & have a wonderful day
    Kind regards
  • Hello, ch.
    Please give me your feedback for better design.

    Best Regards. #28
  • This is bit classic design of the business card but I created it so it reads well. I personally feel that as for the business card, the most important thing is to be able to read well. It might not be too fancy but it will to it's job #4
  • This design is based on an image given in the brief, but the reason I choose this exact image is because it is featured on the Trentino Gelato freezer*, and I wanted this business card to reflect the company, and I think that this image does that.

    * = #3