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I was very surprised, this works extremely well and I will use again.

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Winning design #134 by HYPdesign, Business Card Design for U.S. CAD - new business card Contest
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designed by HYPdesign

Project description

We have been around since 1999, recently developed a new website and moved corporate office. Thus, we want a new business card and the new card should resemble our corporate website. It should contain our logo and basic contact info on the front, and on the back of the card, it will contain our vendor's logo. Our website is www.uscad.com and our primary vendor is www.autodesk.com I thought the background having some darker gray (like uscad.com) might be good. But open to ideas.

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  • On both your designs, it seems the name, title, address on left side and the contact info on the right side, both areas need to be pushed out further towards edge of card. but good design, definitely a different option to consider now
  • I like this one the same as your other top one.
  • doesn't look as good as your previous, probably a bad idea on my part
    • About #38 Eventually if I change the lower graphic detail with a different one, like this.

  • looks really good. To offer some graphical consistency to your graphic along the bottom of the front of the card. Similar to how there is a gap between the US and the CAD in the logo, which shows the gray background in that gap, I wondered if a similar width gap between the cyan and the blue in the graphic along the bottom might offer some consistency
  • this is better, I would say begin to incorporate the dark blue on back of card, I think this makes more sense so people can write on back of card if they choose
    • About #35 Enhanced version. I figured bigger watermark on the back would be better.

  • looks better. I would say make the back of the card all one color, make it blue. The blue should match the color block around CAD from the front of the card
  • I like the #21 better, perhaps what U.S. CAD needs is an "icon" that is superimposed on the front, similar to how you superimposed the Autodesk icon on the back. I will upload the new Autodesk logo for you, the one you are using is outdated. Notice in the new Autodesk logo the icon, maybe the U.S. CAD icon can just be a "U"?? thoughts?
    • About #23 #21 updated with new Autodesk logo and I added suggested letter "U" as a watermark. P.S. Honestly, I would recommend #21 front. There's lots of going on on the front side already.

    • |--|

      HYPdesign wrote:
      About #23 #21 updated with new Autodesk logo and I added suggested letter "U" as a watermark. P.S. Honestly, I would suggest #21 front. There's lots of going on on the front side already.
      |--| yes, you may be right. Thanks for updating the Autodesk logo on the back

  • Looks good!
  • Thank you all for incorporating the Autodesk logo, but you are all using the old one, I just uploaded the new Autodesk logo. One one of the designs, I noticed the incorporation of the Autodesk icon on the back of the card, as part of the background and it was faint, which I liked. I wondered if we should create a U.S. CAD icon that could just be a "U" that could be incorporated on the front of the card as part of the background, but it would need to be faint.
  • this one is very nice, probably your best one.
  • About #21 Here's a somewhat enhanced version of previous #3
  • About #20 Not sure what are your thoughts on QR codes, but here's one example with that as well.
  • the one of yours i like the best is #3
  • some of my associates like 1,8,12,13
  • I don't like this one too much, but what I do like is how you superimposed a background Autodesk logo on the back, as part of the background. I wonder if with some of the other card options there may be a way to superimpose a portion of the U.S. CAD logo on the front as part of the background
  • I had a few more come in that I like better, but this one is right in there. Not sure what to recommend as far as changing. So far like 4, 6, 14 the best
    • Hi and thank you for the feedback. Perhaps something like this? #18

  • I like this one. On the back it would have the Autodesk logo, I will be uploading the proper one soon. We need to incorporate cell phone too and you may want to try a little bit different font.
  • I like this one too, still need cell phone somehow listed
  • I like this one quite a bit. We will need to figure out how to incorporate cell phone too. I will be providing the proper Autodesk logo soon.
  • I like where this is going, but it is almost two many color blocks