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Winning design #110 by TCMdesign, Business Card Design for Washington State Paving LLC. Contest
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designed by TCMdesign

Project description

I am looking for a business card design that is different and stands out.  We do asphalt paving and seal coating.  I've attached our logo and photos if needed, and our current business card. 

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  • Hi, not sure do you want to use "1-800-driveway"?
    I changed "Anything in Asphalt" on the bottom side to "1-800-driveway". #110
  • I hope you like. Thank You. #107
  • I hope you like. Thank You. #106
  • About #102, @TCMdesign This looks great can you take the "'s off of Anything in asphalt and change the mobile phone number to 2538026021 Andy and after the 5180 add Office you can do those in white.
  • Hi, Thank you for your comments. Please check my new revisions. Thanks. #102
  • About #89, @TCMdesign I like the bottom side can you change the top background using the photo 1275 with the two rollers but do a white fade over it. I gave a picture of the back of my old card to go off of. I liked the Anything in asphalt in that font it has and the set up with the credit cards and icons on the right. Please copy that but change the phone number website and license to: Residential Commercial Industrial Grading Excavation Sealcoating Driveways Sidewalks Roads Athletic Courts
  • dear sir please check update entry ...#93#94#95
  • thanks your feedback.... and give me some time and update entry
  • About #87, @Hafizur00764 I like the bottom but the top is too busy
  • Hello,please check my entry #88
  • hi, as you said i changed the top side with a different style , tell me if you like this style #73
  • About #44, @sohel_A Can you play around with the lettering on the top side. Make the logo stand out. And make two version one with both backgrounds (top and bottom) faded like the top and both (top and bottom) not faded like the bottom. Thanks!
    • @WAstatePaving Please check edited design #64, #65 & #66

  • About #43, @Seerat.Razzaki this bottom is my favorite can you keep this bottom and try different tops?
  • About #52, @marco I like the bottom side with the state outline and the photo in it. Can you change the white part to something else? I don't like the top side. Thanks!
  • About #50, @R4960 I like the bottom but please try a different top.
  • About #60, @janati I like the top but the bottom is to plain
  • Hello,please check my entry #59
  • Hi, backside changed following your feedback . please checkout another design #50 #56 . i hope you like this . thanks! #49
  • About #34, @sohel_A I Can you try something to replace the white background?
    • @WAstatePaving Please check my edited design #44, #45 & #46

  • About #37, @Seerat.Razzaki Same with this.
    • @WAstatePaving sure, please wait. I'll upload modified design