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Winning design #115 by rajagee, Business Card Design for Z-zero Contest
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designed by rajagee

Project description

I've attached a low-res version of the recently-selected logo.  (I'll upload a higher-res version soon.)  The attached PDF includes content from educational presentations I've done - to give a feel for the industry.

The name, Z-zero, applies to the electronics industry that I'm in … It’s usually represented as Z0 or Zo.  (So, the zero can be the number itself, or the number as a subscript.)  The dash really comes from the Web domain name that I'm going to use, which is Z-zero.com. (Note: No website yet, so no need to go there.)  The company's tagline is "PCB Signal & Power Solutions" (no quotes), and that's been incorporated into the logo.

It's a B2B business, and my customers are engineers at electronics OEMs, like HP, Apple, Intel, or anyone designing electronic systems, or printed-circuit board (PCB) fabricators.  Ultimately, this needs to look professional (targeting electrical engineers).  I'm a geeky engineer (e.g., IBM/Intel blue), but I'm also a creative type - and appreciate color when it's used well.

There are two product lines, currently:  [1] raw, conductive copper for power/ground/signal planes on PCBs, and [2] software for PCB stackup planning (think of a big, multi-layer sandwich), power distribution in a PCB, and possibly EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility).  In this market, Zo [Z-zero, Z0] represents the impedance (in ohms) of an electrical signal.  It would cost more to have a card that incorporated copper-foil embossing of some type.  I'm not necessarily looking for that, but wouldn't rule it out as a possibly-fun option.


1. I don't mind PCB "signal-trace" imagery ( o----o ) on a card, but subtlety can go a long way.

2. I'm a hard grader, BTW, so please don't be offended by my scoring.  50 is a high score from me. In the end, cards rated about 75 will probably have the best chance, but I'm not going to be giving out any 100s.  Above 75 will probably be on the short list. 

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