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Didn't receive as many designs as hoped for, finalization was a little drawn out due to miscommunication issues with the winning designer. Once designcontest was notified they assisted in resolving the issue.


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Winning design #23 by rajagee, Business Stationery Design for Affari Consulting Contest
Gold Medal

designed by rajagee

Project description

I require the design of a business card, letterhead, facebook cover, simple power point (cover and continuing page), and A4 folder for my business.

About Affari Consulting
Affari is a new Business Advisory practice.  
At Affari we will be helping business owners to understand and take control of the financial management of their business.  We aim to help business owners understand their numbers and cash flow, help them improve efficiencies, set strategic goals and implement effective systems to assist in growth or greater performance.  

Our main focus is to really understand and help business owners with their concerns, especially the ones that keep them up at night.

We are not just accountants, our tag line is Improve.Grow.Perform.

‘Improve’, we want to understand our clients pain points, what keeps them up at night, what troubles them, what takes them the most amount of time to do.  What tasks are they doing that they shouldn’t be.  We look at improvement holistically and not just the Profit and Loss and Balance sheet.  

‘Grow’, we want to help our clients grow their business, this could be growing their top line, profit and growing the time they have available away from their business.  Whatever it is we pride ourselves on understanding where our clients would like to take their business.  

‘Perform’, after we have understood our clients concerns, and where they would like to get to, we implement some simple but effective systems for our clients to action.  But perform is a two way street and we will ensure we are always available to assist our clients no matter what the day or time.  

Logo is attached, a higher res one will be attached tomorrow.

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  • Another version of facebook cover #73
  • Hello, dear @wayde! Here are my entries #52, #53, #54, #55, #56, #57, #58. Please, take a look and feel free to let me know, what do you think about it.
    Best regards
    • Hello @Anastasiia, thank you for your designs. Comments have been provided. Thank you

    • @wayde Thank you very much for rating and comments. I have made required changes and here are my updated versions: #65, #66, #67, #68, #69, #70. Best regards

  • Dear Ch, @wayde Kindly rate all my designs to know my direction. Based on that only i can redo the work. Kindly do the needful
  • Dear CH, i uploaded different designs variation i hope you like appreciated feedback thanks
    • @rajagee HI, I have added some comments. thank you for your designs so far. Cheers

    • @rajagee Hi, Could you submit a facebook cover as well please. Thank you

    • @wayde Ok sir i am working on it & uploaded very soon

    • Hi, @rajagee Could you please include an actual photo in the facebook cover.

  • Is it possible to look for actual pictures/photos to have in the background #27
    • About #27, @wayde actual picture means real pictures instead of abstracts?

    • @bhairdesigns yes, real pictures for the facebook page please.

  • I don't really like the rounded edges....prefer more straighter lines #41
  • The front looks a little too busy. #33
  • Remove round edges...more square. #56
  • Could you look at another option for the powerpoint? Remove the round edges and maybe a bit more on design on the front cover. #52
  • Is it possible to sharpen the edges as opposed to having them round...more of a square shape. Like an actual step. #58
  • I like the concept of the stairs/steps that flows through the package of the business stationery. On the letterhead I would look at removing the improve, grow and perform. #58
  • I really like this concept of a picture and quote. #55
  • I really like this concept of a picture and quote. #55
  • I think I would like to remove the arrow or not have it placed in the middle. Maybe something like a border on the right hand side #26
    • @wayde Different designs variations uploaded please check thanks

  • Kindly provide feedback. #32
  • Hi there, Here is my new entry for your contest,
    your feedback will be helpful #31
  • Powerpoint design submitted. Please provide feedback. #28
  • See general comment about the Facebook page cover. #25
  • Could prefer to stay away from the abstract triangles. thank you #27