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Winning design #109 by HYPdesign, Business Stationery Design for ANOQUA ltd Contest
Gold Medal

designed by HYPdesign

Project description

Our Legal name is Anoqua Ltd., and we are a boutique financial advisory, investment consulting and US Tax advisory firm. Our customer base is global.

Our logo is attached.

The letterhead and business cards will be printed on heavy, high quality embossed paper stock, most probably in an off-white / beige tone.  As a result, we are looking for color variations, and do not want to limit our choice to black on white only. Furthermore, we are open to have the logo and the name set in different colors and / or tones.  The files must be prepared with layered elements and must be editable.  We will request .eps, .png, .jpe and .pdf files from the contest winner.


Files must be prepared with layered elements and editable.

We will request .eps, .png, .jpeg and .pdf files from contest winner.

The stationery look should be memorable and of high quality, and it should reflect professionalism and trust.

Business card details:

a) ONE sided

b) Credit card size

c) Straight, no curvy edges

d) Information to be included:

     · Logo

     · Our Activities: Financial Advisors Investment Consultants U.S. Tax Advisors

     · Address: Ex: Roadtownab 30, Antalya 2058 Cyprus

     · 3 main office phone numbers (14 characters long). Ex: (+357) 95754987

     · Website address (14 characters long).

     · Personal data:

            i. Name (22 characters)

           ii. Title (13 characters)

          iii. Three phone numbers of 14 characters each

          iv. E-mail address (13 characters)


Please include Letterhead, Invoice, Notepad, A4 Envelope, Small Envelope, A4 Folder samples

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  • Thank you for the ratings. Please check additional stationery entries that accompanies my business card... #114, #115, #116, #117
    • gt1

      @HYPdesign Thank you for the entries. I'd like to ask you for the following: a) Given that we are a financial services firm, I'd like to see a color scheme involving some sort of royal blue hue. Would you be able to provide some ideas before we select the final coloring? b) I don't know if its customary, but we'd also like to view how an invoice and notepad might look. Thanks you.

    • @gt1 Not a problem. Please check #120, #121, #122 and #123. Not sure if you wish to keep gold color as well, or should those remaining gold parts be replaced with royal blue as well.

  • can you check my entries pleas
  • Used Abbreviation for Phone, Mobile,... etc. #94
    • @TCMdesign TCMdesign please don't report my designs again in intention to win the contest. Thank you.

    • @skyford412 Hi, I only reported your designs which are very similar with my designs. You submitted these designs after CH rated my designs, which you never go with this direction.

    • @TCMdesign as your #63 have identical bottom design of my #28 and #32 designs. You do the same thing. But I warned you first (please look messages under). I didn't want report you without warning as you did. You should warn me first about eventually mistake. Then I could withdraw design if I think it is similar. Please don't do it again. Thank you.

    • @skyford412 You still submitted the designs which has been removed.

    • @TCMdesign #112 is identical as my #92 and before designs.

    • @TCMdesign where is the problem with this design?

    • @TCMdesign #112 Is similar to my #58, #75, #74, etc... you report wrong design, right?

    • @TCMdesign
      So I sent the message with the explanation to help desk and asked for help and revision decision. So please don't report again wrong design.

    • @TCMdesign I have checked. You don't have design as my #112 If you report again I tell the helpdesk this. Don't you have the problem with #109 also?

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  • Hi, please check my 4 revisions for the bottom bar. Thanks. #105
  • gt1
    Would you kindly replace the bottom gold line with the line in #60, making the whole of the golden tab and logo a little smaller in size?
    Thank you. #93
  • gt1
    Would you please keep this format and replace the bottom gold line with the line that you have created on post #56? #95
  • gt1
    One final request - please preface the contact information without symbols, and replace with words (e.g. Phone, Mobile, etc.)
    Thank you very much #91
  • These 2 more based on #60. #90
  • Hi, Thanks for your comment. I submitted some revisions from #62 as your comment. Thanks. #88
  • hope you like
    happy to be your designer #87
  • hope you like
    happy to be your designer #86