TCM was a great designer very active and responsive i would recommend him for the next job for sure.

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Winning design #142 by TCMdesign, Business Stationery Design for CRAN STORE , Contest
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designed by TCMdesign

Project description

Dear All
we are Wholesale and retail company for smart phones accessories like phone cases,ear buds, headphones, travel chargers, speakers and all related gear for smart phones.
we are looking for business stationary design like latter head shopping bag and business card. and any other related stationery. please check to have an idea about our logo.     

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  • thanks
    I have ten year experience working in UAE and worked there well.
    after Eid Mubarak i am coming in Dubai
    are you form UAE #141
  • I have tried to use simple and elegant technique,
    let me know what you think,
    your feedback will be helpful #136
    • @azeem appreciate your effort that's what is going to distinguishing you

  • thanks for feedback #134
  • please add later head and envelop #128
  • please add latter head, company file cover and envelop
  • for All designers who added only a business cards and latter head. please complete it by adding the company file cover and staff id.
    Thanks for all

  • Dear CH, i uploaded different business card designs, can you please upload your ai logo so i have make the all stationary items thanks
    • @rajagee thanks for your comment. the logo is the one on the website

    • @rajagee where did your designs goes?

  • Update for previous entry #84 #117
  • Update for previous entry #72 #116
  • Hi sir,
    This is just one design. Details need to be added.
    Your feedback would be appreciated. As I want to give you my best.
    Nawal Tariq #96
  • Sir you feedback, either good or bad, would be highly appreciated on entries #86, #85, and on all of my remaining entries. #86
    • @nawaltariq313 they look good, but needs smooth touches

    • @khaledEbrahim tomorrow (insha Allah) you'll get the best designs. As I am working really hard on some designs.

  • if you can make a black ground. #73
    • @khaledEbrahim Did you mean you need a black bag, like this? #84

  • Hi @khaledEbrahim if you have any suggestion feel free to tell me #88
  • Regarding #73 comment, did you mean you need a black bag, like this? #84
  • This looks really good. :) #63
  • Letterhead #83
  • Hi! Check please some more designs from me: #77, #78, #79!
    Thank you and best regards
  • One more option... #72 and accompanying bag #73
  • Hi, dear @khaledEbrahim! Please take a look at my entries #61, #62 and #63. Please feel free to let me know, what do you think about it! Best regards and thank you for attention
  • Please have a look at my entries #58, #59 and let me know what you think.
    Any feedback is appreciated.

    Thank you!