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Winning design #72 by HYPdesign, Business Stationery Design for Deadeye Capital Contest
Gold Medal

designed by HYPdesign

Project description

We are a real estate credit fund, financing development of residential and commercial properties. Our name Deadeye is refers to an expert marksman, always hitting his target, like our investment objectives. We have a logo and now need to create letterhead, stationary, etc. See attached images for reference of our desired look/feel

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  • your design is our favorite and should be selected as the winner. That said, we like the design element on the folder and stationary with the shadow of the logo on it as represented by design #25. Also, we may wish to change the yellow and black to gold and silver like the original logo. Please confirm we can work this through in the finalization process and we'll select you as the winner. Thanks. #72
    • About #72, @el11 Thank you.

      Yes, of course, we can adjust it when you select the design.

  • Very nice but I'd prefer it not to be so glossy. Also, no www. on the backside of the card. Combined with design kit # 58, looks good #4
    • @el11 Dear CH, Thanks for feedback & ask me changes, contest now is pending after award me contest i have make the all changes as your required thanks again

  • yes please do that..................................
    • @el11 Done. New entry #72 has all items and shiny logo is back on the folder.

      If you need additional changes, I'll be happy to make them.

  • very nice. is the EYE on the folder shiny like it is on the card?
    • @el11 On this one, it uses solid fill. It's not a problem to replace it with shiny logo though, if you wish.

  • Removed "TM" and moved return address to other side of the envelope. #71
  • About #58, I'd like to see return address on back side of envelope, perhaps along the bottom
  • Very nice, I like the card design from #54 more. Also, please ensure the is no TM next any of our name/logo. Lastly, can you show me what you propose to put the return address on the back of the envelope and what a large envelope would look like too? thx #59
  • we like black on black for the card design #8
  • same comment as #13, i like the info alignment better on this one than #13 #12
  • i'd like to web address removed from the back of the card #13
  • We do not want the target design to be so prominent #21
  • I'd like to see the envelope in white
  • Please check it
    Thank You #44
  • Please check it
    Thank You #36
  • Please check it
    Thank You #35
  • Please check it
    Thank You #34
  • Nice clean design. I'd love to see the envelope in white and also see the proposed inside of the folder #25
    • @el11 Thank you. Optional set is now uploaded for business card #24 >> entries #32 & #33

  • Please have a look at my entries #20, #21, #22 and #23

    I would appreciate any kind of feedback. Thank you.
  • Nice clean lines, I like the way this lines up with #9 , and #1. Can you show me what an envelope looks like with your design scheme and if possible, please present the designs as a portfolio as we require a whole stationary package.
  • Dear CH, please check my all different design of business cards & stationary i hope you like appreciated feedback thanks