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Winning design #21 by rajagee, Business Stationery Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by rajagee

Project description

We need a full package stationery. The design must fit 100% with our Website.

Open Sans; light 300


White background (#ffffff)

Dark grey letters (#505050) if background item then transparency is to use

Gold (#BE9B50)

All pictures that we use on our Website can be used for any kind of design and are available in high-quality for print.

Next to our Logo and Designs, our claim is to be included:

"Der Immobilienmakler Ihres Vertrauens"

(means: The Real Estate Agency you can trust)

It's a must to follow the design rules of the Swiss post:

Contact details to be used on all stationeries:

Isler Immobilien (Company)

Churerstrasse 160b (Street/Nr)

CH-8808 Pfäffikon (Switzerland/PLC/City)

T   +41 55 536 46 46 (Phone)

E (Company E-Mail)

W (Website)

For the Business Card please include:

Marcel Isler (First/Last Name)

Chief Executive Officer (Job)

M  +41 78 401 31 49 (Mobile)

E (personal E-Mail)

What we need is:

1) Letterhead

Format A4, Logo top-left, return address top-right

2) Envelops

Format C4, vertical, address right-hand

Format C5, horizontal, address right-hand

Format C6, horizontal, address right-hand

3) Business-Card

Format 58x88mm (uncutted), 55x85mm (cutted), horizontal, 1 or 2 sides

4) Front-Side for Brochures, Sales- or Presentation-Folders and others

Format A4, horizontal

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  • a question: What file formats do we get and what software will we need to change or adapt this text elements? It's a great idea and looks awesome but we might need to change some of the text elements. Please advice how to change this if possible. #7
    • @islerimmo Dear CH, Thanks for rating & feedback again! after award me contest i have make the pdf, cdr, ai & eps editable files you can changes anything very easily thanks

  • 2 lines again for street/no and plc/city please #7
  • try to use the gold/dark-grey stripe at the bottom of this front page just to make the hole concept consistent. #7
  • this folder is a bit to simple for us. We love your folder as on design No 7! Just copy/paste folder design No 7 in here at the final so we have a proper overview of the hole stationery concept. But again! Always use our corporate dark grey color instead of black. #3
  • dark grey stripe to use and not black please #3
  • same here regarding 2 lines for street/no and plc/city #3
  • the format should be vertical C4 and not horizontal please. This way we will also have the same concept again as on the small envelops. #3
  • No black stripe and no letter on this envelop size please. Just to the same design as on the small envelop above. #3
  • please divide street/nr and PLC/City into 2 lines and don't put them on one single line. Just same as on letterhead or business card. #3
  • also here dark grey stripe to use instead of black #3
  • back site we prefer to have blank! No colors and no letters at all on the back side. #3
  • use dark grey stripe again instead of black #3
  • use dark grey stripe again instead of black #3
  • City is missing after postal code #3
  • Phone Number correction: +41 55 536 46 46 #3
  • Use layout No 4 please but always make sure to use our dark grey instead of black. #3
  • Don't worry! We do not support people who just copy other ideas ;-) #7
    • @islerimmo ? I'm sorry, but it was not a copy. I thought it was understandable to use "About us" from your web site and photos you supplied. Also, my layout was completely different then his. Kind regards.

    • @HYPdesign In our opinion it was! Please accept other opinions.

    • @islerimmo Alright. Good luck.

    • @islerimmo Thank you so much sir !

  • This is very nice! I just hope it's not black but dark grey as mentioned in our brief?

    Would it be possible to make this design consistent with your poste no 3 as well as with no 7? It looks like the ideal mix #10
  • Hello! Perhaps something more consistent with your overall website feel - #11 #12 #13 #14

    Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!