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I need a range of stationary including letter heads, word document templates and a flyer type format that I would use as one or two page brochure that I can insert text into. I am often asked to send in my biography both short and long and provide details of services i offer and price lists so if you can keep those in mind. I need something that has an executive luxury feel that is also simple and elegant. The files i have attached below contain the type of information i would include as well as my photograph. The style of my old flyer is not to my liking however the information Is  would like to see included / able to include. I also attach my logo and the range so you can get a feel for my up to date styles.

My website is www.j9consulting.com which will give you further information about what I do. the style of the web site is NOT necessarily the style I am looking for.

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  • This is really nice I like it, thanks for the submission #47
  • Again this is really lovely! I like what you have done very much. #46
  • Hi again similar comment to previous entry but thanks for interest & entry #45
  • About #48, @natnat9805
    Hi thanks for your entry. I like what you have tried to do but it's a bit too dark for me.
  • Hello, Can you please upload ai file of logo.
    • @PariRathore Hi I'm so sorry I didn't get to do this, I missed this comment

  • Hello! One more little bit updated version from me with another curves and business card #46.
    Best regards
    • @Anastasiia huge thx my apologies for not getting to comment or rate these prior to closure of contest. I really appreciate all your effort

  • Another, text and other changes can be made if required.

    • @PerfectDesigner huge thx, sorry for not replying sooner.

  • Another. #53
  • Another. #52
  • Another. #51
  • Second. #50
  • with pricing and back cover. #49
  • Really nice and good colours. I prefer the flow line on the bottom of the 2 pager in number 43 than this but it's still nice #44
  • Hi, Janine! I have uploadet updated version #43 with 2 curves and with some changes on business card. Please, take a look and let me know, what can I improve. Thanks & regards
    • Hello! A little bit updated version #44. Best regards

  • Again another superb design #42
  • Really nice with bottom filled, gives it a bit of weight but not too much #38
  • Again superb design I love it #37
  • Hi, Here are the new versions with two pages resume and with some variations. #36
  • Lovely and elegant but a little too plain thx though as nice design #31
  • Again another stunning design, I wonder if we could fill the bottom circle on the biography and flyer? #30