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Winning design #161 by moonart, Business Stationery Design for SORIA BEL Contest
Gold Medal

designed by moonart

Project description

Hi all,

We are a distributor and manufacterer of herbal food supplements.

we have innovative products and have a modern flair.

We are moving to a new building and with this we would like to update all our business stationary stuff.

The things we need are notepads, pens, presentation folders, coorporate leaflets, letter design and business cards.

Try to stick to green and white, like most of you did, don't use yellow orange or blue.

We are also not verry fond of curls and waves, we belive this is a bit outdated.

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  • feedback please #166
  • I got all your needs designed!
    Hope you Like it!
    Have a nice day! #165
  • New design included new folder design & curve hopefully you will like. #136
    • @moonart also good, going to compare it with the previous one

    • @moonart can you make the leaf a bit smaller and then no pictures, so it is less "bussy"

    • @sigurdstaelens Hello ch, thank you so much for feedback & rating, please check different leaf variation hopefully you will like thanks again

  • Minimalist-design -business-card. #159
  • Royal-Beautiful -minimalist-design -business-card Looking Very unique.
    Just you have to Select Texture Paper and Screen Print this design. #158
  • feedback please #129
  • thank you #127
  • feedback please #126
  • i hope you'll like it #125
  • feedback please #124
  • I have follow you logo leaf theme in design hopefully you will like. #117
  • Transparent business card very unique & professional hopefully you will like. #100
    • @moonart also verry nice. i also like the part that holds our web adress

    • @moonart I eliminated R4960 for copying your card designs

    • @moonart i saw your work on the stationary design of scepter technologies. There you designd verry good according to their firm. Verry nice work. We are looking for something similar (but in our style, that is unique for our company) some key words: nature, innovation, food supplements, herbs, medicinal plants, capsules, syrups, tablets, crops, research...

    • @sigurdstaelens Hello ch, Thank you so much for feedback & rating, please check my updated complete stationary items hopefully you will like again anything you need more please let me know thanks again

  • feedback please #91
    • @vlogo this one is quit nice, but similar to other entries

  • I need contact information to put in design
    • @danny_baqtar You can just put in standard information or you can use: Soria Bel NV Ringlaan 35 8480 Ichtegem (Belgium) T:0(032)51/58 80 30

    • @sigurdstaelens feedback please #93

    • @danny_baqtar i do not see any entry

  • Hi!, A minimal and modern conception with light green and white combination and the incorporation of herbs illustration with the same concept. #95
  • feedback please #92
  • I added a file with modern leaves.
    If you can encorporate a design with this it might be nice.
  • i hope you like it #88
  • Hello, Sir.
    I try to visit your website for more information and learn about your company, and I decide to add something into your name card design "ginkgo leaf"(if I don't misunderstand), I think that shape is so beautiful. About your card I want to keep clean&simple. It's perfect on white paper. #51
    • @moondesign59 Indeed it is a ginkgo leaf. But this card it real clean, it shows only the main business details. If i add my name and personal mobile etc.. it will loos its effect

  • Presentation Folder also uploaded hopefully you will like thanks #69
    • @moonart this one is better. with the 52 colors. this is more special then the notepad