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Winning design #87 by Seerat.Razzaki, Business Stationery Design for Strategic Mental Health Contest
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designed by Seerat.Razzaki

Project description

Strategic Mental Health is seeking a new design that we can use for our letterhead, business cards, and other business forms. 

We are a private psychiatric clinic that provides medication management, psychotherapy, and other mental health services. We currently have a logo that we are happy with, as well as theme colors: Purple, light green, and light grey.  Please see our logo attached. 

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  • hope you like it #107
  • hope you like it #106
  • Thank you for the rating points. Here is a complete set. #101
  • Hello ch, please check my updated version hopefully you will like again appreciated feedback again thanks #99
  • I hope you like it.
    Thanks! #95
  • Helo CH
    In this concept, for layout and font can be changed, please give feedback so I can adjust to your wishes

    thank you #92
  • On the business card, could you bring the name down to the center right? #42
  • Dear Project Holder

    This is my revision #38.

    Thanks. #72
  • Hello ch, Thank you so much for appreciated feedback also rating, please check updated version hopefully you will like thanks again #69
  • This style looks professional. #6
  • About #38, @basso82

    Looks professional and clean. I would like to see what a little more color on the letterhead would look like. Also, the logo on the back of the card is too large. Maybe if it were a little smaller and diagonal??
  • About #51, @moonart

    I think the business card looks great and professional. I like the letterhead too. However, I think the logo may distract the eye. Can it be made lighter? And on the envelope, maybe positioning the logo a little more down?
  • The "wave" portion is too large. Eye is drawn to that, not the more important material.
  • Please have a look at the updated design #53 #54 #55
  • Hello ch, Thank you so much for rating & feedback, please check my different updated design hopefully you will like again appreciated feedback thanks #52
  • Can you please add the entire shadowed logo onto the letterhead and envelope. Make a little smaller maybe?? #24
  • Is there anyway to fit the entire shaded logo on the card? Or maybe diagonally across? #14
    • @SMentalHealth Sure, it's not a problem at all.

    • @SMentalHealth Please check new entries #30 and #31, with changes as you requested

    • @SMentalHealth Here are also cards with additionally laid over logo watermark #46 & #47

  • Strategic Mental Health #45
  • Strategic Mental Health #44
  • About #16, @moonart

    Letterhead and business cards look professional. However, is there a way to add the entire logo to the letterhead and envelopes?
    • @SMentalHealth Hello ch, Thank you so much for feedback, please check my updated designs hopefully you will like appreciated feedback again thanks