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Winning design #41 by jacondsign, Car Wrap Design for 36 to Life Contest
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designed by jacondsign

Project description

This is a wrap design for a Jeep JT Gladiator. I own a coaching company called the National Coaching League and our main product is 36 to Life.  I'll share more info with pictures in the brief.  Like to encorporate the honeycomb design in the back ground.  I'd like eXp to have a part in it but more subtle with along with a map of the US see attached.  

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  • Hi Sir
    This is my another design
  • About #34, @aidar1 Like how you did the arrowm from the bed. Thanks for your work
  • Focus on Hood #43
  • About #38, @LogoUp please do review my concept
  • this is my revision design for #32 #36
  • About #32, @aidar1 I'm leaning towards keeping my top and front fender black.. I like the feel of this. What about not having the 36 to life transparent.
  • About #30, @jacondsign This is great. Nice job. Would you do this with one that has the angle of having the National Coaching League logo on the Middle of the hood?
    • @hank Hello CH,. here's your request,. Please check #31 Thanks!

  • Black Flares and black top #23
    • @hank Hello CH, what do you mean by black top and black flares ? I'm a little bit confused, thanks !

    • @hank Hello CH,. Is this what you mean?,. please check #30 Thanks!

  • About #23, @jacondsign That seems to flow better. My current top is black. I'm not against painting however can you take this concept with Black top and front black flaires?
  • Hi there
    Check my design please
    I hope you like my design and open for revised
    Thanks you
  • Hi there
    Check my design please
    #21 #22 #24

    Thanks you
  • About #19, @jacondsign THis one seems to flow. Maybe "Mirror" the photo.
  • hood will be same as # 13 #15
  • About #7, @jacondsign Like it. Let's take the map out. The "Face" looks a little off.
  • About #11, @LogoPol17 Great design
  • About #13, @madhosh Love the hood!
  • About #14, @trisna_icirohiro I was looking to have 36 to life more prominent yet let me chew on this. Really like it.
  • Hello, please let me know if I am missing any elements that should be included within the design.
    will the other side have a different design or both sides are the same? because we can also use the back if it's applicable
    Thank you #10
  • hello @hank
    Some attached images are cropped, could you please reattach the ones that are not correctly attached?
    like igothanked.png and arrow_final.jpg
  • About #4, @aidar1 I like the simplicity.
    • @hank Thanks you for feedback and rating Open for revised Thanks you