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Very satisfied!!! It has been a pleasure working with the designer Artnymore whom we selected as a winner for our contest. He's very talented and responded to all our requests very professionally and promptly. Great experience and we will use the service again in the future.

$285 paid

25 custom designs

6pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #25 by Artnymore, Car Wrap Design for ACG Home Improvement Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Artnymore

Project description

Van model; 2009 Ford E-250 Econoline, Rear swing doors /no windows, Right Swingout doors/no windows (see attached).

To be included in the design;
- Logo: see attached
- Tagline: "Modern, Impactful Home Improvement"
- Served Area: "Serving Tulsa, Oklahoma and surrounding areas"
- Photos (can be used as background or cut as appropriate): see attached. (photos 2 and 3 are optional). Higher resolutions available if needed.
- Site web:
- Telephone: (918) 230-9309
- Our services: see attached (layout can be changed but icons need to be used).

Main colors; White, Dark Blue (#2d353d ), Light Blue (#5b94ad ), Red (#b54848 ).

Thank you!

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  • Thank you! Very nice. We appreciate your work and the modification. #25
    • @info220 Thank you very much, if you need revision/modification please feel free to contact me. I will always be ready to do the best for you until you feel satisfied with my design. (:

  • Thank you for this great design! #16
    • @info220 an option on #22 i did not put much information on car side..Just to focus on the pic..and make it outstanding

    • @jojo_cumi Hello, we cannot see the this design #22. And your other designs disappeared as well. No sure what happened. Can you please upload them again?

  • Thank you for this great design! Would that be possible to make our tagline (Modern, Impactful Home Improvement) a little more visible on the sides? #19
    • @info220 hello please check my update on designs #23 #24 #25 thank you (:

  • Dear Artnymore,
    Thanks again for your design proposal #11. Would you mind proposing another alternative design for the back of the van that would show our services? You can remove the tagline (Modern, Impactful Home Improvement) to save space if needed but please keep the logo and the phone number). Thank you! #11
    • @info220 well noted will revise it soon. thank you :)

    • @Artnymore Thanks. Forgot to tell you that we want to keep the website as well.

    • @info220 please review and advise of any changes. thank you (:

  • Thanks again for your design proposal #4. Would you mind proposing another alternative design including the following modifications;
    1/ Right/Left sides; blue waves a little narrower.
    2/ Right side; Logo a little smaller so that it is not cut (we currently cannot see the bottom of it).
    3/ Back side; Would that be possible to propose something including our services, the logo, website and the phone number.
    Thank you! #4
    • @info220 thanks for feedback..ill back to you asap with new option

    • @info220 hope you like #18

  • Thank you for this new entry but the logo is still not the original one. We don't want our logo to be modified (NO change of the colors). #12
  • Thank you for this new entry. We think this design is too loaded. We're looking for something more simple. #13
  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback ... I've made some changes ... I hope you like it! #13
  • I fixed the back of the van in my previous submission. #12
  • About #11, @Artnymore

    Thank you very much for joining the contest and for your nice design proposal. It looks good!
  • Thanks for the new proposal. #10
  • Dear Project Owner, :)

    please check and i really hope you give me feedback.
    if you need a change please feel free to contact me.

    Best regards, #11
  • Thank you very much for participating and for this entry #8. There are good elements that we like but the couch image appears as the focal point which gives the impression that we are a furniture company. This is something that need to be changed. #8
  • hello @info220 ..
    thank you for your feedback and rated
    please check my design revisions

    thank you #6
    • @pramon_o Thank you for this new entry #6. We appreciate the modifications. However, we would like the logo to be used it its original configuration, without modification of the colors. Also, the 'folding transition' is nice but we don't really like it for our wrap.

  • Thank you for your entry #7.
    Here are our main comments;
    1/ We would like our logo to be bigger on the sides.
    2/ The design of the red bands is nice but we would like to minimize a little the use of the red. It can be used but should not be the dominant. #7
    • @info220 Thank you for your feedback! I'll fix it right up and repost.

  • sorry this is CMYK colour mode #3
    please check #4 #5 any feedback to improve are welcome
    • @jojo_cumi Thank you very much for your design proposals. #4 and #5 look good. Very nice job!

  • About #2, @pramon_o

    Thank you for your design entry. You have a nice portfolio and we are glad that you are participating to our contest.

    This is a good start. Please see below our main comments;
    1/ We would like to keep our logo in its original configuration. Please do not change the colors of the logo.
    2/ The sofa image appears as a focal point and gives the impression that we are a furniture company. We think this should be changed.
    3/ Our website address is too small. We would like it bigger.
    4/ Our tagline ("Modern, Impactful Home Improvement") is missing.
    5/ Our services appear a little dark on the photo (not visible /easy to read). Feel free to change colors as needed (using our main colors as a basis if possible)
    6/ As a side note, the model of the van does not correspond to ours (not critical for the pre-designs).

    Thanks again for this first design proposal!
  • hello @info220 .
    please check my design and please change to blind contest..

    thank you #2
  • Thanks for the entry but our design contest is about a car wrap, not a logo. Looks like you missed the category and our project description. #1