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Winning design #128 by moonart, Car Wrap Design for B2B Cars Contest
Gold Medal

designed by moonart

Project description

We need to design a car wrap for our company buses and half lorry 

our company works in food sector, 
we are selling (spices - pulses -rice)

The design will be to use B2B logo, attached our product packaging design and two bags of our rice products which we will provide it soon in different designs and ideas..

use different designs of spices and pulses as a background or separate in different  area of design 

we are opening the door for the designers to choose the colors and the ideas and once we like something we will add it in the brief of the contest 

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  • White Background with spice more clear. #130
  • full yellow color option. #129
  • Hello ch, please check more unique & different spices concept design hopefully you will like thanks #128
  • Hello ch, please check my unique & different idea hopefully you will like this one. #126
  • Update version where change the background and packed arrange the good way. Please provide your feedback and rating.
    Thank you. #125
  • Without Car #123
  • With car, can be adjustable according to your need #122
  • About #115, @moonart
    any updates ?
    • @Osama Ahmad Uploading my new background idea very soon thanks for waiting.

    • @moonart Thank you..

  • About #116, @trisna_icirohiro
    any updates ?
  • - Try to organize our packets in a good way (rice bags shift it to left and in proper way) also (Sarai packet shift it up) - change the background of the spices #116
  • The idea of the spices is different, we want some other idea to be different and more better also easy to recognize #114
  • Try to change the background to be more better and easy to recognize #113
  • Update version where packet make more bigger. Please provide your feedback and rating. Thank you #117
  • new design #114
  • Hello ch, Thank you so much again for feedback, please check my new design i have change the curve line more separate your product sarai more clear. #113
  • I mean to change the idea of the background to be in different way .. Thanks for your fast respond, appreciated.. #109
  • Please check like this one #109
  • Please use other spices background to be more clear and attractive without rice #105
  • This is my another version for your requirement. Please let me know any changes that I will do asap. Please provide your feedback and rating. Thank you. #108
  • my revision your wish #107