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Winning design #41 by moonart, Car Wrap Design for Bilpower AS Contest
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designed by moonart

Project description


Would also be nice to see other color-options. When we need a agressive look, it might needs other colors than red, white and black(?). And also - can anyone do a OBD-Cable that sparks? Look at the picture attached. We do programming of cars by this cable, and a lot of our customers can relate to that. So - if we do a cable like this (can be a freehand drawing or whatever, most important that it looks agressive and cool), that sparkles or make som "power" come out of it? Lightning? Need som creative brains on this one. And also put the "performance unleashed" somewhere around it. 

Also will change the info on the car to:

Motoroptimering      (This is tuning in norwegian)
Diagnosetjenester     (This is diagnostics in norwegian)
Nettbutikk                   (webshop in norwegian)

So! We are a company that do engine tuning for cars, also called chiptuning, obd-tuning etc. Its a on-site service, so we need a cool design for our vans. What i think so far:

Icons with Facebook & Instagram at the doors in front. Our logo somewhere on the car - we would like a design that can communicate to our customers (men from 25-45 years). Something agressive!

Logo vector can be downloaded here.

Text on the car:


Also you can add "performance unleashed" somewhere.. Maybe in the bottom of the sides on the car? is already in the logo, so maybe do the "slogan" instead.

Phonelogo or something: 40 06 33 11

And ofc the big Bilpower logo. Also open to other logodesigns, if anyone have good ideas. 

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  • Bilpower AS #58

  • How about this one sir
    I hope you like it
  • Good design. Try to make this obd contact bigger. And maybe abit rougher? My picture was Just a random one.. #53
    • @stig_flem Ok sir. I will change it

  • This is the revision of my design number 53

  • I hope you like this sir #45

  • I hope you like this sir #45

  • How about this sir #44

  • How about this sir #43
  • About #36, @aidar1
    I will revise my design sir
  • Like this one. Can you also make something for the rear? Maybe something with the obd-cable.

    Text on rear: Tuning til din bil? And also do the egr, dpf etc maybe. #28
    • @stig_flem Hello ch, Thank you so much for feedback & liking my design, i uploading different rear design hopefully you will like one of the best.

  • Think the text at the rear end is a bit misplaced. Like the lightning-graphics though. Maybe also add this OBD as you jave on #37. Colors are great. #36

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  • check my design please #35
  • hello @stig_flem ... what your car ?? thank you
  • Hello ch, please check my updated design also logo hopefully you will like. #28
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    please give me a feedback