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Winning design #22 by pramon_o, Car Wrap Design for Dabang Contest
Gold Medal

designed by pramon_o

Project description

Hello top designers, 

My name is Han, 

We are a startup company located in South Korea.
We provide a real estate platform similar to Trulia.com and Zillow.com, but specifically for the South Korean market. 

We are a pretty well known in Korea, and as part of our expansion we are planning on operating 100 cars for our sales staff and customers (realtor agents) to use. 

In short, the cars are given mostly to our customers who are realtors, and they will be using it to show properties to their customers. 

We would like it simple, clean, and fun while having our logo well visible.

I am attaching...

1. ai file for the vehicle, which is a KIA "RAY" similar to the Nissan Cube. 

2. Sample Image 

3. Dabang Logo (our company Logo)

4. Example of our competitors car. (the yellow car - obviously it has to be prettier than this car)

5. Other company examples. 

Why have this contest?
- We asked a few design agencies in Korea, but they all came short of expectations. There are also similar design contest sites in Korea, but we would like to try a different approach as most Korean designers have similar taste. (which doesn't fit too well with us)

Due to vehicle regulations in Korea, the design must NOT cover the back window. 
Rear window can be covered, however, more wrapping area equals higher cost, so a minimal (but impressive) design would be preferred. 
(But don't let it influence your creativity - a full wrapping design is perfectly fine.)

Further reference can be seen at our website or app.

Of course everything is in Korea, so you won't understand it, but you could get a sense of what we do.


Hope to see some great work. 

Thank you. 

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  • @eusoonh I saw you promo vids, and they were really, really cool! I created a character / mascot that resembles the actress that was in the videos. #25
  • hallo
    check my design #22
  • hallo
    check my design
    thanks #21
  • hallo,
    check my design
    regards #20
  • Minimum design and colour, yet sufficiently conveyed your business as related to real property in order to grab passerby's attention. Thanks and hope you like it. #19
  • Dabang simple design yet elegant and clean. #18
  • Hi, I would like a shot at earning your business. I should have a proposal for you, before the contest expires.

  • black is the new gold. i hope you like it Mr. Eusoonh #16
  • How about this? #14
  • About #9, @Trisna

    This design is also nice.
    Same feedback with the back (solid blue would be better)

    Also, I am a bit concerned about the letter being tilted.
  • HI, i send to you 2 concept designs. #8
    • About #8, @Trisna

      Hello! Thank you for the design!

      I think the design is quite nice.
      Couple things I would like to comment,

      1. I think it would be better if the back was completely blue, instead of the "half-icon" use.

      2. The logo one the side has a white stroke, and I think it looks a bit off and also too big.
      Also the grey stripe seems to be a bit thin compared to the ratio of the icon itself.

  • About #7, @Asiong19

    Hello! Thanks for the neat design.
    I do like your effort with the house icons, however, it is very similar to our competitor's logo (the orange car). Perhaps you can try a different type of icon instead?
  • About #4, @Romona2

    Hello, I prefer your second design over the first.
    Mostly, the "hut" icon seems to be a bit odd, also our logo seems to be a bit small and the position of the logo is not suitable for this car.
    If you look at the actual car, the logo area is angled so placing the logo there wouldn't be ideal. As for the second design, the color doesn't quite match our color (blue, grey), and seems to be a bit too subtle.
  • give me a feedback for a revisions. thank you. #1
    • About #1, @s_bahri

      Thank you for the design, and sorry for the late comment.
      I find the sun to be a bit odd, and not sure if it should be there. Also, the roof top logo is modified, and shouldn't be in just white outline. (should conform to our logo guideline).

      Thank you!

  • I do like the black roof top though. It make the overall look of the car no-nonsense. The attention gets drawn immediate to the print on the side.
    • About #2, @jan_van_lennip
      Yes. I agree. I did check out your version w/ rooftop design. Again, thank you for your work.

  • this time also with the back view #12
  • in the white hole you can put the number of car. Please comment #11
  • concept2 #9
  • There were comments that the ai file wasn't opening properly.
    I have re-uploaded the ai file.

    • @eusoonh ok thank you. Do you have comment for my design?

  • About #3, @jan_van_lennip


    Thanks for the nice work.
    I really like the bold use of the logo.
    Very simple and clean.

    One comment,
    Is the roof suppose to be black?
    Would there be a way to utilize the roof top as well?