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I have attached 3 images of my truck, which is a 1971 Chevy StepVan, and a pdf of the measurements. The rear and passenger's side both have a window that folds up into a sign.

The name of my truck and business is "D's Nuts & Parfaits". I will be selling all types roasted/flavored nuts from sweet to spicy to salty to savory and customizable, made-to-order, on the spot. In addition, I will be offering greek and low fat vanilla yogurt parfaits made with fresh fruit picked every morning along with made-to-order, customizable granola from various honey's and oats. Also, I will have smoothies and oatmeal available as well.

As far as the image goes Im a firm believer in you only get one first impression, and with that said, I want to make a splash! I want the image that people see to be more "eye-catching art w/ a 3D effect" rather than "some food truck brand". The best idea I have right now is if you can imagine a white piece of paper that is being torn in half in the middle. Inside the rip/tear there are various nuts that are spilling out of the rip/tear. On either side of the rip/tear is a squirrel holding it open so the nuts can spill out. One of these squirrels has a 2 button golf shirt on with a fancy D stitched on the pocket. He is D and these are his nuts. I imagine this image being on the Drivers side without the window and possibly on the Passenger's side when the window is down. I want this to look like an illusion, especially from far away.

I was also thinking about having maybe a few more "worker" squirrels maybe on the rear or front or edges running, trying to grab the nuts that are spilling out, cooking nuts in a pan with a chef hat on, holding a Parfait,  I'm also not sure where the name "D's Nuts & Parfaits " should be placed. Maybe the white paper is really a big sack of nuts and it says "D's Nuts & Parfaits" somewhere in the white space like a stamp/branding on the sack? 

I wanted to incorporate a picture of a Parfait, smoothie, and bowl of oatmeal as well some where on the wrap to indicate that those items are available as well. Maybe the worker squirrels can be carrying these items and are preparing everything kind of like the keeebler elves.

I want people to see the truck from a block away and think " Wow!! That looks cool! What is that?"

As they get closer I want them to realize it says 'D's Nuts & Parfaits' and I want there second thought to be "Lmao, D's Nuts!!!! hahaha thats so funny."

After those initial reactions, I want their third thought to be "Holy shit! I can get food here? Its healthy? I want to try some!"

I also need a script image for my passenger side and rear signs when the window is folded up that state "D's Nuts & Parfaits"

I want the imagery to be like Pixar or Toy story. I have attached some images I found on the net of some 3D squirrels that give an idea of what I'm going for. I don't want the squirrels to look as goofy as the ones attached. I want them to look "cooler" but professional and prideful about the nuts they gathered and have for sale.

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  • Hi, Let me know when you want to some change with the design. Thanks. #155

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  • Hello @ryandrew23,
    Do you actually need a logo to be designed along w/ the wrap!!
    this is what the brief states!! I guess
    • @NULLOBJECT I guess so, I need "D's Nuts and Parfaits" in a cool font with maybe a squirrel running across a telephone wire? to put on my sign that folds up on the passenger side and also at the rear.

    • Hello @ryandrew23, Hope you're doing well! I didn't get any comment from you on my design submission since I wanted to collaborate closely w/ you on the designs.. I wanted to make sure I follow your leads/guidances and the final designs meet your expectations. However, I will submit my designs before your design project's time elapses, and hopefully you'll like them. Looking forward..

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  • Dear Client,
    I have made changes as per your instruction as well as i am uploading new variation for your review.
    let me know what you think.
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    • @LogoMaker79 I like it but its a little busy

  • Hey everyone I show the contest likes your design a lot. I just posted a picture of the truck with the window open that shows how it folds up into a sign. Can you come up with a sign that says "D's Nuts & Parfaits" across it? Also, the back window folds up into a sign like the side window as well if you could put a logo there too. I posted a picture of the front as well. #54
  • can you change the expressions on the squirrels faces to have a bit more "swag" (masculine, confident, mischievous, etc.) #54
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    Hope you will like it.
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