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Winning design #28 by bulletproof, Car Wrap Design for Ductcessories Van Wrap Contest
Gold Medal

designed by bulletproof

Project description

We would like a really cool design for the wrap of a Ford 250 Transit Van Extended Length High Roof. Please see attached files for the Ductcessories Logo artwork and photos of our products that you might consider for use as texture for the background. We are looking for a full wrap design that will really catch the eye of people. Simple design, very prominent use of the name and Icon with a textured background. Open to suggestions of what you think might be good. Thank you for your submissions. Images provided are low-resolution. I will provide hi-resolution files to the winning designer for us in the final artwork. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for participating in this design contest.

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  • Third design with fade and all sides visible #28
  • Second design with fade and all sides visible #27
  • My first design with fade and all sides visible #26
  • Disregard this entry, I've reuploaded.
  • Just a quick question before i start designing: Are you still considering new entries?
  • 25
    Hi here 's with the same van that you got ^^ #24
    • @25 the texture you used does not apply to any of the material we use. Could you try taking a texture from the pictures I attached to the contest please.

  • Can you please replace the yellow on the front fender of all your designs with the black like you did in #23 #14
    • About #14, @rbrumleu

      Yes, not a problem at all. I will work on that first thing in the morning!

    • @rbrumleu Is there anything else you would like to see as the entry deadline nears?

    • @bulletproof I think this would be the only change. I think we are getting really close. Thank you.

  • Perfect. You understood what I was looking for in this transition area. Thank you. #23
    • About #23, @rbrumleu

      Great. Would you like anything done with the roof area or are you satisfied with the orange? Anything different with the hood?

  • Not a problem. How's this look? #23
  • I do not like the bright yellow on the front fender here. Can you please try to fade from Orange to Black as it comes down the pillar between the windshield and the door, maybe becoming solid black by the time it hits the fender. #16
  • I like the way the orange follows the curve of the van here. #16
  • 25
    Here's another conception, I hope that you like it ^^.
    For any changements let me know ^^ #19
  • check my design. thanks #18
  • All sides shown #16
  • About #1, @bulletproof also, what do you propose the passanger side of the van to look like? PS - Ignore my last question on the back of the van. I see it in this version.
  • Thank you for your submission.
    I would like to see what you are thinking the other 3 sides would look like. #10
  • Thank you for this submission. I would like to see what the other 3 sides of the van would look like. #6
  • I am not looking for a logo design. Look at the other submission to get an idea of what I want. #5
  • Thank you for your submission. This is pretty cool. What would the other 3 sides look like? #11
  • #14 - I wanted to showcase your products while still maintaining an overall appeal and readability.