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Project description

Looking for a wrap design for our vehicles, something that can work between a van, truck, and a cargo trailer.  Although we do a large range of efficiency solutions we would like the wrap to be focused on solar.  Were looking for a design that catches people's attention and is exciting.

Try to keep our color scheme from our logo in the design.


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  • Please try to keep the color designs focused on our color schemes of the logo
    • @EcoForceSolutions Which colour you want?

    • @TahaAli try to stick with the red, black, white

    • @EcoForceSolutions hi CH, thanks for good feedback, will do .and i will uload today.keep communicate with me please...thanks .its nice feedback to improve my design quality

    • @EcoForceSolutions Dear CH, Thank you for your comments and suggestions. #49, #50, #51 & #52 is the new version as follow your comments. Hope it get closer to your needs. Please let me know if you need any more changes. Thanks & Regards

  • Update:
    We would like our designs to contain a couple of things: We want the red swirl in our logo to be on the design. We like bold red colors and want red or black as the dominant color. I recently uploaded a few more logos and now you can choose from any of those and use one of them on the design. Lastly, we would like no literal solar panels, but iconography is ok.

    Here is a summary of what I said above:

    We want our designs to have these four items
    1. Want our red Swirly O on the van
    2. Like the bold red colors
    - Want red or black as the dominant colors
    3. Please use one of the three logos I uploaded
    4. No literal solar panels, iconography is ok

  • of the designs we have this one is the most interesting, however the white cutout doesn't work for us given the current shape. We would like to see other explorations of this feel free to see the other logos we are uploading so you do not need a white background. #40
  • Which vehical really need to be designed?
  • Loud , Modern & Luxury Concept
    informative enought #32
  • the color is sincronized with your color logo
    background color is grey its sincronized with your website elements.
    Loud, Modern, Luxury and serious.
    give feedback please. thankyou #31
  • any idea, will you custome it, the robot picture is vector made dedicated for this design contest. #28
  • ? #27
  • #23 #24
    Check this design
  • #17 #18 #19 #20 #21

    Please see this

    • @TahaAli We would prefer to stick to our color scheme of our logo

  • Please help me because i need Money please help me #3 #16

  • Please check my design #11
  • can you explain more details about the images, logos, products and taglines that you will pass on to the car wrapper, and what colors you want, what messages will you convey through the wrapping of the car, and what is your purpose of wrapping your car.
    please be more detailed.
    • @pakdejenggot We want to focus on advertising solar while our vehicle is driving around. Want our logo on it and want people to know about our great service. You can visit our website and read more about us at

    • @pakdejenggot yes! its good , i will do the best , give feedback on my design submitted later . thankyu

    • @pakdejenggot yes! its good , i will do the best , give feedback on my design submitted later . thankyu

  • Hi, This is Johnny,
    Can you please upload the logo, color scheme and website if you have? so that I can incorporate in your wrap.
    • @johnnydeppox Uploaded the logo and website. Try to incorporate the colors of the logo and whatever looks best with it.

    • @EcoForceSolutions Thanks for your response. I will try to make outstanding wrap using your brand colors.

  • Is there a logo for the company?
  • my desine is ready you want to see all cars,trucks,vans, and many more pleaz see my desine and i will improve my desine. #3

  • this is my effort to make the best design for you. I am quite difficult to make the design in the brief because less information about your company. #2