Etiquette Cycling

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Winning design #70 by GAKA, Car Wrap Design for Etiquette Cycling Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GAKA

Project description

Etiquette Cycling is a new road cycling holiday business.

The target market is road cyclists who are looking to experience a high quality 'Pro-style' cycling holiday.

We are using a grey BMW520d touring car  (2014 model - see attached file) We want to design a car wrap which reflects quality, looks great and has a clear association with our brand.  

Please see wrap brief attached.

Key Points - We do not want the Etiquette Cycling logo just placed on the car doors for example.  We want to see a graphic design element where Etiquette Cycling sits within this graphic design element. - We are not wanting for a full wrap but we want a design which uses the grey car colour as part of the wrap design.

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  • just noticed this needs to be same angle as door also #70
  • revision... #69
  • I have just noticed the q here needs to be the same angle as the grey q on the doors. thanks #67
  • please check back sir .. #68
  • q here and slightly bigger. Thank you #67
  • Please try ETIQUETTECYCLING all in white and .cc in orange. thanks #67
  • Please make the same font as #64 here and all white and .cc in orange #67
  • This q is good here thank you #67
  • Please try the q slightly bigger and here #67
  • Move the q lower and in grey. thanks #64
  • Please can you try making the whole word ETIQUETTE orange in colour. thanks #64
  • and again like front window to sit on top of a black panel / strip. thanks #64
  • This q size is now good thank you. #64
  • This is good but I want it to sit on top of a black strip #64
  • This q is now good. it needs to be white please #64
  • Please remove this q from here #64
  • Please could make (some font). Also to the orange and white copy as before. Also the have the copy on top of a black background (width of copy and length of window - left to right). thanks! #63
  • Please put back to the orange and white that you had before. Also to have the ETIQUETTECYCLING.CC showing on a black background (the width of the copy and length of the window) #63
  • Keep this q grey but make a little bigger thanks #63
  • Please make this q white and a bit bigger. thanks #63