Express Heating and Cooling Inc.

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Project description

I want to letter my Van ( Ford E series) for my heating and air conditioning business.  I'm not looking to do an entire wrap of the Van. Standard vinyl lettering is fine but can be mixed with small sections of wrap. Our logo is attached and can be included in the design.
A simple design is Ok.  Sometimes information gets lost in the design if the design is too complicated.
We would like to include the following words in our design.
1- Saving you money one degree at a time.
2- 757-679-2665   note <----- 2665 is COOL on the telephone key pad.
Commercial / Residential / Heating/ Cooling/ Refrigeration
3- 24 Hour Emergency Service

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  • Hello ch, please check my design in your contest hopefully you will like appreciated feedback thanks #25
  • About #18, @Artnymore
    Nice Job!!
    • @dchrbac Thank you! if you need a change please feel free to contact me. (:

  • ? #23
  • ? #22
  • ? #21
  • About #15, @trisna_icirohiro Nice!
  • About #14, @monstersox
    Nice job, whats the back of the van look like?
  • About #17, @trisna_icirohiro
    Nice work
  • PLease update with the model and year of the van . #3
    • @lopez932 Its a 2013 Ford E 250

    • @dchrbac with windows or no windows at all? there are many versions of it, I know evertuthing ca be adapted but it would be nice to show you the design on the actual model of the van. thannk you

    • @lopez932 passenger side double cargo door with windows. Windows on rear on van

  • Thank you for the design to consider #4
  • 2 is not part of the phone number. Sorry for the confusion. Thank you!! #4
  • drive cheerfully #1
    • @dendaus Love the design, it can use a few small tweaks but overall nice job!!

    • @dchrbac thank you, hopefully with a good branding you are more confident to ride it and more spirit to work