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Winning design #92 by akhtanbed, Car Wrap Design for Heartland Builders (new home builder/custom homes) Contest
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designed by akhtanbed

Project description

Our new tag line is Custom Homes: Easy, Fun, Fast(er than you think).  A design has been proposed for a truck wrap but it is too "boxy" and the back is too "flip" I think.  I am showing a design that we like that is contemporary and cool.  

I am also providing colors of our mood board.  

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  • About #92, @akhtanbed Like this alot. Please go back to look at your original hood design. The "Custom Homes: Easy, Fun, Fast(er than you think)" was all in one row under the logo. Like that. Just like the original please. Once that is done you WIN. Thank you.
  • Another version of the shrub/bush design behind the back tires. Which one do you like more? #94
  • Dear Contest Holder,
    Just updated the design behind the back tires... Hope you like them... If not, do let me know. I'll try my best to live up to you expectations.
    Also removed the website address on the hood.
    And if you'd like to hire me for future works you can do that by going to "One on One contest" option on Design Contest Website. Or go to my portfolio page and click the link "hire".
    Thank you. #92 . #94
  • Love it! The only thing my staff says that behind the back tire it looks like mickey mouse ears. Maybe just drop or straighten the center arch. I don't know. But, when you address I am going to declare you a winner. Can I also hire you to design our "yard signs" and how do I do that? Thank you for the effort. #80
  • We liked on the original design that didn't have the website address, but had the custom homes Easy, Fun and Fast (er than you think) #83
  • The Hood. Perspective and top view the my concept #78
    The graphics of #39 and this one are almost the same. #83
  • The difference... #80
  • Dear Contest Holder,
    Thank you for your review. I used the 'craft paper' color this time as per your brand guide.
    The graphics of #78 and this one #39 are the same. I didn't change anything except the colors and texts. The reason they look different because of the effects/enhancements/image resolution and background color.
    Hope you like them.. :)
    Thank you.. #78
  • About #39, @akhtanbed we still love this one best BUT gold is not part of our color scheme. Can you make the gold a little more "craft paper" color like in our brand guide. Also, put this on our truck. Love the hood design of this one. Want the website address in blue. Also, capital H and capital B in the web address. You are going to win this!
  • Dear Contest Holder,
    I've submitted a few of my concepts along with some different color combinations as per your 'brand guide'. Also i added a concept of hood design of the truck. I have no idea if that's a hood of a Ford f150 Truck or not... But take it as a "Preview purpose only".
    Hope you like them...
    Please do let me know if these's anything more to improve on. I'll gladly do it for you.
    Thank you.
    #66 , #67 , #68 , #69 , #70 , #71 , #72 , #73
  • We really like your designs and I see a winner in you. We like your original design with the blue and gold BUT we have to use a color that is in our brand guide, not the gold. Can you show a few designs where the small lines on the side are colors from our brand guide. Maybe the PMS 7583 c and one with the PMS 141 C. I want the primary lines to be the blue, but the smaller lines a different color. We also like the hood of the truck to have what your original design had. After that, I am going to declare you the winner and work with you as I need to get the design. Thank you.
    • @rich2 Thank you. No worries. I'll make the necessary changes and resubmit them shortly.

  • Experimenting with Text Positions. Custom Homes. Easy, Fun, Fast (er than you think) #49
    • @akhtanbed when you send this to me this way, I can't expand the picture and see the fonts well. But I think C works for me. Would like to see the colors noted in my earlier post to please.

  • hi good day toy you, feedback my entry please..... thank you :) #65
  • Dear CH,
    Thanks for the positive feedback, here is another option for you, Hope you like it . Best Regards & Thanks. #63
  • Dear CH,
    Hope you like this design.
    Thank You!! #57
  • Dear Contest Holder,
    Following changes are made...
    1. 'Custom Homes' in smaller font.
    2. Easy, Fun, Fast(er than you think) in slightly bigger font.
    3. Website name updated with H and the B capitalized.
    4. Truck color updated as per Brand Guide.
    5. And some tweaks are made here and there.

    Thank you. #48
  • please feedback my entry, thank you :)
  • About #39, @akhtanbed Please go into our Brand Guide/Mood Board and change the gold to a color from our mood board. Also, slightly smaller font on Custom Homes; slightly bigger font on Easy, Fun, Fast (er than you think). Thank you.
    • @rich2 Thank you for your kind review. I updated the design and made the changes as per your recommendations. But couldn't submit as the contest has expired... :(

    • @akhtanbed I am going to extend the contest 7 more days. Also, please use the Truck that I submitted in my brief. Your chosen truck is cool, but not what we have.

    • @akhtanbed Please re-submit.

    • @rich2 Yes, I'll resubmit my design this time using your truck provided in project brief. no problem.

  • About #39, @akhtanbed Also, please show our website as HeartlandBuilders.com Only the H and the B capitalized. We really like your design..... Thank you.
    • @rich2 Thank you. I will make the changes as suggested to ensure it's accuracy.

  • Also, please use the proper truck in your design. I don't want to change trucks, just the wrap. Like your design! #39
    • @rich2 Sure. I'll make the changes and resubmit them again. Thank you for your review.