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6d 7h left

Project description

Our new tag line is Custom Homes: Easy, Fun, Fast(er than you think).  A design has been proposed for a truck wrap but it is too "boxy" and the back is too "flip" I think.  I am showing a design that we like that is contemporary and cool.  

I am also providing colors of our mood board.  

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  • Experimenting with Text Positions. Custom Homes. Easy, Fun, Fast (er than you think) #49
  • Dear Contest Holder,
    Following changes are made...
    1. 'Custom Homes' in smaller font.
    2. Easy, Fun, Fast(er than you think) in slightly bigger font.
    3. Website name updated with H and the B capitalized.
    4. Truck color updated as per Brand Guide.
    5. And some tweaks are made here and there.

    Thank you. #48
  • please feedback my entry, thank you :)
  • About #39, @akhtanbed Please go into our Brand Guide/Mood Board and change the gold to a color from our mood board. Also, slightly smaller font on Custom Homes; slightly bigger font on Easy, Fun, Fast (er than you think). Thank you.
    • @rich2 Thank you for your kind review. I updated the design and made the changes as per your recommendations. But couldn't submit as the contest has expired... :(

    • @akhtanbed I am going to extend the contest 7 more days. Also, please use the Truck that I submitted in my brief. Your chosen truck is cool, but not what we have.

    • @akhtanbed Please re-submit.

    • @rich2 Yes, I'll resubmit my design this time using your truck provided in project brief. no problem.

  • About #39, @akhtanbed Also, please show our website as HeartlandBuilders.com Only the H and the B capitalized. We really like your design..... Thank you.
    • @rich2 Thank you. I will make the changes as suggested to ensure it's accuracy.

  • Also, please use the proper truck in your design. I don't want to change trucks, just the wrap. Like your design! #39
    • @rich2 Sure. I'll make the changes and resubmit them again. Thank you for your review.

  • Dear Contest Holder,
    This my concept of your truck wrap... A clean but modern. Stylish, but mature.
    Please do let me know if there's anything i could improve on. I'm ready to add something in my style and make changes.
    Thank you.
  • Can you make an option that has the blue on the back (I like the blue on the side/bottom like this one has). Thank you. #10
  • About #10, @DyNiC123 Wow! Well done.
  • I appreciate all the work so far. I am sincere about this. There will be a winner!
  • About #7, @ideasstudio
    Dear CH, Thank you for your comments and suggestions. #7 is the revision. Hope it get closer to your needs. Please let me know if you need any more changes. Thanks & Regards
  • 2nd favorite of your work. other two are too busy for me.
  • Nice work. Very creative. Bold! #3
  • Still my favorite of your work. I would add the website address on the tailgate below the logo. Also, on the tailgate I would put Easy, Fun, Fast above Custom Homes and try if you can to have the call out bubble closer to the Fast at the end. Nice work. #1
  • Dear CH, Please let me know if you need any alterations. your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks & Regards #6