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Project description

We are looking for vehicle wrap for a truck. The trucks is a 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD 1WT REG in black. We are a luxury high-end design-build firm and retail outdoor living store. 

We would like the wrap to be able to overall promote both aspects of the business without being over the top or busy. 

The design does not need to cover the entire truck, specifically the hood or roof. We will need a graphic design for the rear window of the truck. It does not have to match the tailgate.

Attached is the company logo. We prefer not to be photograph heavy when designing. 

Services to promote: Outdoor Kitchens, Fire Pits, Outdoor Cabinetry, Grills, Grill Detailing. 

We also need to add our license number to the design: CRC #1330011

Our website is JUSTGRILLINFLORIDA.com and phone number is 813.962.1700

Our brand font is Bebas Neue Bold and Regular.

Because of the color of the truck and logo, I understand the entire truck may need a wrap base color and the entire thing gets wrapped regardless. I add this note in case that's what needs to happen to make the design nice. 

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  • Can you update the coloring of the design to be more consistent with our brand? Could you also show how you would design the tailgate and back window?

    The truck in the design appears to have a longer bed than the exact model of the truck. Please revisit that and make sure your truck template is accurate. #6
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