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Project description

We are a racing car team that would like to have a new car livery designed, we are attaching the actual design and car.

The new car will be the one in the black images attached, is similar but different.

We would like to have the new design with our logos: LP Racing, #88, Cotolicious, Eco Waterless and the star with RR on the car.

Colors have to be White, Red and Matt Black, the mix could be with more Black or more Red in the car. is more about the overall result.

We are also attaching images of the car we need to wrap how it is now. 

We like to have an aggressive yet classy and modern design.



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  • I would like you to simplify this lines and part of the from splitter. that is amazing but complicated to match with logos. #34
  • Here instead of the red hoods I would like a line white and red or only red #32
  • About #32, @graphman I would like to see the same changes on the front also in this design pls.
  • I would like you to eliminate the two red parts and make some lines in Red and Black kind of the ones on the side. #33
  • About #42, @sant2 I really like your design and if you could make the two changes I will most likely give you the first place. Try if possibile to also add the logo Eco Waterless in white in the back hood.
  • Here I would maybe like something white. to fill a bit the big black area. #42
  • Can you try and place Coto logo in red here pls #42
  • I would like the LP Racing logo without the car here in the wing #14
    • @Fastlap I submitted a new oneplease check and any feedback, thanks

  • Thanks for your entry very nice design. But we would like it the base car we attached in the brief as this is another car is a LMP3 and we have different lines.
    • @Fastlap Thank you! I will make another template.

  • About #18, @pramon_o we would like you to work on the design #7 that you made, keeping the Blue from Red bull and I would like to see it designed on this car.
  • Can you try and make the car dark blue as the REDBULL F1 car pls #14
  • Can you move COTO to where LP Racing is pls. #14
  • please check my design revisions
    thank you #18
  • I would like the lines to be following the nose profile. #14
  • I would like the lines to be following the nose profile. #14
  • I like a different style than the actual one. and line in case should be inclined #15
  • This part should be of one single color #15
  • About #15, @pramon_o

    I like the similarities of this design with our original one, so well done. I would like the other project you made with this angle.
  • hello
    please check my design revisons.
    thank you #15
  • Number has to be on the nose and on the side as has a fixed size and cannot be like here. Moreover the two numbers of the 88 need to be of same color for identification #13