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Winning design #24 by adi_saos, Car Wrap Design for Mitiserve Restoration  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by adi_saos

Project description

We do water fire smoke disaster damage restoration. Attached are photos of our current van mitiserve van wrap. We also attached pictures of vans we think are cool. We bought another van and would like an updated more cool eye catching design of our wrap. All of the information is the same still as far as phone numbers and stuff goes. 

We would like "Offices located in Harrison, Ar and Northwest, Ar" Placed somewhere.

We like the colors grey black charcoal. We might even like to see some vans with blue and red in it. I attached pictures of the new van bought for the wrap to go on. Its the bare white one

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  • I want to remove this and place the mitiserve logo without the flame up here #24
  • can we leave the flame right here and remove the house and place the house on top of the cab #24
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    Hi, here's my design proposal; if you like the layout, we could tweak it to make it just right. If not, best of luck with the business!

    Take care,

    F. #51
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  • can you remove the 6607 phone number and move the water fire mold disaster down. Then move the your home your peace of mind our priority to the top of the van like the other one #4
    • @disastercontentsolutions ok :)

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  • I'll prepare in design to be a bit cool so that people can catch their attention, reliable and friendly design, hope you like it. #7
  • rate my entry #2 . if you want any change please notify
  • Goodluck to all! #1