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Project description

NutriLawn, Inc. is a lawn care company in Northern California. We want to upgrade the look of our fleet of trucks. We specialize in lawn, ornamental, and tree applications for both residential and commercial clients, including fertilization, broadleaf and weed grass controls, pre-emergent herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and diagnostics. This is not a landscaping service; we do not mow lawns, prune, hedge, etc. We are a chemical use company. Our marketing platform is based on being the premium service in our area, which is backed up by our 35 years of experience, a vast knowledge and understanding of our field (both generally and locally), and being the most professional and reliable service in the area. We want to provide the highest quality service possible.

We currently have 5 white Ford F-150s (2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2010) and 1 white Chevy Silverado 1500 (2006). All trucks have regular cabs with an extended 8’ bed. We would like a design that we could adjust to fit each of the trucks.

Our goal is to have a simple, clean, striking design that is easily recognizable from most directions. We want it to be minimal and modern. The colors primarily used should be whites, greens, and browns, although blues could be used as well. The design for the sides of the trucks need to include our logo, phone number(s) [530-891-1551 and/or 530-891-LAWN], website [], and “Turf and Ornamental Care”. The tailgate of the truck should also have our logo, phone number(s), and website, as well as the following list or bullet points:


Weed Control

Turf Pests

Shrub & Tree Services

Aphid Control

Fungicides & Diseases

We have included a VERY rough (quick MS Paint) rendition of a design we thought would be fitting, as well as the original design we drew the inspiration from. It is meant to be large blades of grass. We would prefer that they were not realistic blades of grass, but that it was still easily recognizable as grass. If you would like to take that idea and run with it, please do so, but if you have a better idea we welcome any and all designs. You are the professionals after all!

Thanks for your time!

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