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Project description

Creative, modern designers.....  We are looking for a beautiful wrap for an Isuzu box truck.  Modern but attractive.   Love the idea of simplicity.  Make it exciting, fresh, trendy.  

Am torn a bit between the modern look and something more traditional, but lean modern.  And like some lawncare colors (dark greens, bright green, mixed greens....) , but it might be ok to use other colors too if you have a great idea!

Lawncare services info to include on the box
Weed Control
Mosquito Services 

company information (if you want to learn more about us).
We do lawn fertilization and weed control

tagline:  clean and green!  Optional to include
I included an image of it as is used on some of our literature.  Sort of a logo in itself but it has been used sparingly in this way so if someone had a better idea.... fine.  if not, use it as given 

Truck Details.    
  1. The box is 16' long. 
  2. Notice the curved airflow on the Cab.  Include this in the wrap and also the entire cab.  Make it all flow as one.
  3. Do something on the rear door, but remember ... a set of ramps that covers up most of the rear door.  so it might just be a colored door?
  4. Design using the driver's side of the box.  There is a rolling door on that side that needs to be included in the wrap.   Cover the door.  Also remember the door may break up complex text so be careful in that area.  (frame hardware and horizontal lines of the rolling door will be noticeable here.)   The design that works on the easy side (passenger) also needs to work on the drivers side.

Logo.  colors are not completely set.  There is a company logo and also a tagline logo.  The tagline can be adjusted if necessary but have a good reason for doing it.  Greens are obvious with a lawn company.  

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  • probably the c&g will go down lower. "green" to the bottom and solidly into the dark green horizontal bar?? bar might get a little fatter. "clean" right above it?? #267
    • @dschrock ok sir, i can revise it ... but the contest time has ended ... and i can't send my revision ... Warm regards @GAKA

  • Please check this one CH,. Thanks! #275
  • Another simple concept #274
  • Update version where grass that put free image and make more professional. Please provide your feedback and rating. #273
  • so far I like the logo on this one. How it gets cut off a little bit, but you can still read it. #263
  • Update version where services make another style. So, please check all my entry and provide your feedback and rating. Thank you. #272
  • interesting idea. screened back clean&green. wish we had more time to play with it.

    1-maybe a little more contrast in the diagonal screened 'clean&green' and loose the regular "clean and green' altogether??

    2-all options the vertical steel piece on the end will not be wrapped

    3-Another option is to move the "clean and green" down so it is touching the metal horitzonal piece at the bottom. For this option we might get rid of the screened "clean&green" #263
  • Dear CH
    Check please sir
    My best design just for you

    Thanks you
  • Update version where add headline of services: Lawncare services and make more adjustment. #257
  • Update version where add some green shade behind the services background. Please provide your feedback and rating. If you like my simplicity concept, I will make all side of car wrap. Thank you. #256
  • Update version where two logo make bigger and also grass below the premiere logo make more bigger and everything make more clear. Please provide your feedback and rating. If you like my concept, I will make all side of the car wrap. #255
  • This is my clean and readable concept with flat design where no used images for good printing and used only your logo's grass. I think simplicity is make more readable and modern now a days. So please provide your feedback and rating. Thank you. #254
  • if we end up going this route, we might try a different grass. in this part of the world we have kentucky bluegrass which looks a little different. - don't bother with it now. we will keep that in mind if we go this route #232
  • I wonder if clean&green could be on the bottom on right sided of the box. somewhat bold. Perhaps touching bottom or slightly cut off.

    Services under premier turf logo? #110
  • The picture is stormy. Any pictures should be bright and possible with children playing on the lawn or something that shows lush,beautiful lawns #236
  • gl #249
  • :-) #248
  • Added contrast, highlighted the logo and added the front version. #242
  • Very clean & clear. #240
  • Hope you like this... #237