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Winning design #56 by adelea, Car Wrap Design for Race Car Wrap Contest
Gold Medal

designed by adelea

Project description


My dad and I race the Chihuahua Express and some other tarmac rallies. We drive a 2014 Subaru STI. This is all about fulfilling a lifelong dream and having fun together. My dad was a farm boy that told his mom he was going to be a racecar driver. So we started in february with a car and competed in our first race in april. We almost did not get the car finished and now is the time to make our racecar look like a racecar. We are all about seizing every moment in life. Our car looks good at 50mph from 50 feet away.


We love optical illusions!

We love color!

We love each other! So we would love to see Neff on the car. It would be awesome if it looked like the H&R logo. But make a statement for all I know the coolest wrap could be “neff” a million times covering the car.

Complex we want the car to be different but not painful to look at.

Loud as in color not clutter.

Let your imagination run wild!!!!

P.S. the keep in mind the front doors get big ugly stickers for the race but please don’t leave them blank because we do remove them.

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  • Hello everyone,
    There are some amazing designs it is going to be very hard to choose a winner. Thank you everyone so much. I hope you had fun! :-)

    BIG NOTE: I can not stress enough how important the FRONT DOOR is! It is REQUIRED that we put the RACE SPONSORS on the FRONT DOOR.

    Check out the new photo of the mini cooper door I posted in the brief. It is a Big ugly sticker.

    Please move the NEFF back on the design. a safe spot is behind the front door handle.
    • @mcneff Hi, I would like to update my design if you increase the time limit. Kind Regards. #65

  • hello
    please check my designs
    thank you #82
  • Hello,
    I hope you like my design #78
  • I made space for the number. Thank you! #77
  • I will adjust the design. To make space on the front door,for the number.
  • I appreciate the rating!

    Thank you!
  • Hi, Trying to think outside the box. Thank you! #60
  • hello
    please check my designs...full view
    thank you #59
  • hello
    please check new designs
    thank you #39
  • hello..
    please check my design
    thank you #38
  • love the hood design! lets bring more color to the car! #14
  • @Anharhawari22, @jaycobbb, @adi_saos, @monstersox Awesome job, three things to note. One, please limit use of black and Ferrari red. Two, The front door will have a large sticker during the race. Three, continue on strong we are loving the designs and once again don't be afraid to be bold or crazy or crazier! :-D
  • About #14, @Anharhawari22 The lines are beautiful be more bold with the color.
  • front door gets covered by a sticker from the race. #9
  • Play with some more colors! :)

  • can we try blue on top silver on bottom? Thank you these designs are great #21
  • could we try blue on the hood and roof. to make the color section like two triangles. #20
  • can we try this design with out the extra contrast lines. thank you #23
  • add a space in the repeating neff. so it looks like "neff neff neff neff" #23
  • About #11, @adi_saos Nice contrast.

    get creative with the lines. don't be afraid to do something crazy like make a cloud where "neff" can sit over the lines.