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Project description

Looking to have something designed that pops and looks good on my vehicle that will be used to advertise me as a realtor.

I have some basic ideas but am looking to get some better ideas from the pro's (YOU)

Attachment 1 - I like how the blue fades.  It is going on a white h2 SUT hummer.  Would like to keep the background white with no background designs.  Only have the rear half in blue

attachment 2 - is the vehicle but the rear tire has been removed so there is now a rear tailgate that can be part of the wrap.  No roof wrap or top of  hood wrap.  

attachment 3 - i like how they have the big real estate sign and the bold company info

attachment 4- is a coldwell banker logo

attachment 5- picture of me... not sure I want my picture on it but I am open to it

info to be on car:

Brian Leakeas
Call or text 24/7

Just need something not boring and will pop


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  • What if we swith these? Put phone number under Logo and website below phone number want phone number to stick out #22
  • can you put the for sale sign like the one they used in design 20 right here (on front window and back window in between #22
  • We are almost there. Can you change the coldwell banker to look like the coldwell banker in design (20) also might require the to be in a different color. Not sure #22
  • rev3 #22
  • @bleakeas if you gonna choose another designer , I hope that you will rate my work and i will be thankful for that, Thanks
  • maybe change the font and then the size of "call or text 24/7"? #12
  • can you change this background to a house with palm tree's? #12
  • can you make the website font bigger? #12
  • i like this design a lot too. Any way we can remove the darkness around the picture of me? #12
  • also remove this - - lines too #19
  • maybe make the phone numbers white #19
  • anyway to put the for sale sign 20 used here? maybe so it over laps into front window? #19
  • Can you make this logo the same as 20's blue logo? #19
  • Can you please remove this grey background color #19
  • Can you remove this black line #19
  • rev2, i have change background i hope this match with your espectation, thankyou #19
  • hello
    please check my new designs.
    thank you #18
  • hello.. please check my design
    thank you #17
  • Please check the update and give me your feedback, Thanks #16
  • Please check the update and give me your feedback, Thanks #15