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Winning design #36 by trisna_icirohiro, Car Wrap Design for Real Estate Contest
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designed by trisna_icirohiro

Project description

Looking to have something designed that pops and looks good on my vehicle that will be used to advertise me as a realtor.

I have some basic ideas but am looking to get some better ideas from the pro's (YOU)

Attachment 1 - I like how the blue fades.  It is going on a white h2 SUT hummer.  Would like to keep the background white with no background designs.  Only have the rear half in blue

attachment 2 - is the vehicle but the rear tire has been removed so there is now a rear tailgate that can be part of the wrap.  No roof wrap or top of  hood wrap.  

attachment 3 - i like how they have the big real estate sign and the bold company info

attachment 4- is a coldwell banker logo

attachment 5- picture of me... not sure I want my picture on it but I am open to it

info to be on car:

Brian Leakeas
Call or text 24/7

Just need something not boring and will pop


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  • rev5 option #36
  • rev5 #35
  • Can you make a version with the for sale sign like design 33 thanks #32
    • @bleakeas nice work, please note that you must receive the other side design too "it seems like this side but the opposite" which should be handled by the Author designer, it was a nice contest and it was a pleasure to work with you guys, see you in the next contest "i hope you will invite me :) "

  • Can you put in a for sale sign in white like the other designs have done? Even if it covers some of the right window? #22
  • how about rare designs? Thank you #33
  • can we change this background not like all the colors there

    can you put a better picture in background like #32

  • Rev4 with template #32
  • hello
    thank you for rated..
    please check my revision designs
    thank you #27
  • What if we swith these? Put phone number under Logo and website below phone number want phone number to stick out #22
  • can you put the for sale sign like the one they used in design 20 right here (on front window and back window in between #22
  • We are almost there. Can you change the coldwell banker to look like the coldwell banker in design (20) also might require the to be in a different color. Not sure #22
  • rev3 #22
  • @bleakeas if you gonna choose another designer , I hope that you will rate my work and i will be thankful for that, Thanks
  • maybe change the font and then the size of "call or text 24/7"? #12
  • can you change this background to a house with palm tree's? #12
  • can you make the website font bigger? #12
  • i like this design a lot too. Any way we can remove the darkness around the picture of me? #12
  • also remove this - - lines too #19
  • maybe make the phone numbers white #19
  • anyway to put the for sale sign 20 used here? maybe so it over laps into front window? #19