Smart for Two Brabus Car Wrap

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Winning design #25 by moonart, Car Wrap Design for Smart for Two Brabus Car Wrap Contest
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designed by moonart

Project description

As my Kangoo I want a design for a Smart for Two as well.

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  • About #16, @moonart
    this is the best, but can you please do the outlines on the front and back logo+name lighter. Please do the dots on the doors in color red.
    can you please move the "" on the doors a little down, so that it will fit in car line?
    On the backside bumper it seems that "" is a little out of the middle?

  • About #15, @moonart the camouflage a little lighter so that we can read:see the text on the doors, maybe just switch from black-text to white text with black outlines, definetely do one with lighter camouflage.

    • @lukas_kaderavek Please check updated design.

  • About #2, @moonart
    I like it more.
    Could you do the camouflage a little darker? the base color of the car is black and may it hit against the light doors and elements...
    • @lukas_kaderavek Hello ch, again thanks for feedback please check my updated different design option hopefully you will like one of the best. if you need anything let me know.

    • @moonart hello, it looks very good but doors and others like to be the same let’s do the rest a little lighter and use the same for the doors, the outlinings for the letters a little lighter? Sorry for the pixel pushes...I really like your work!

    • @lukas_kaderavek Hello ch, Thank you so much again for feedback & appreciation of my work please check updated all entries uploaded hopefully you will like one of the best.

  • you have all you need in the briefing, i posted design layouts of my car. #7
  • @lukas_kaderavek
    Hi CH, Thanks for feedback and i will make the design you want
    May i request information about you car
    Best Regard
  • I'm sorry this is the wrong car. #5
  • this is not bad...I like the dark camouflage...if you could lean more on moonart's design, this would be very nice... #7
  • the proportions are not fitting, my logo is can't change the CI... #3
  • Can you please move the text parts inside the dort, so all is standing on the door and is getting no cut? #1
    • @lukas_kaderavek Hello ch, Thank you so much for feedback please check updated design, if you need anything let me know.

  • can i get more details?
    are we doing the same thing using the same graphics and materials as this one?
  • Hello ch, please check my design entry in you new contest hopefully you will like appreciated feedback thanks #1