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This was my first experience on, and I couldn't be any happier. Deloreana worked with me throughout the contest to make edits until the design was just right. She was super responsive and 100% professional. Thanks again! Jess


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Winning design #16 by TheDelorean, Car Wrap Design for Website Overnite Contest
Gold Medal

designed by TheDelorean

Project description

Hey there creatives! I'm launching a new web design biz, and am looking for a van wrap design (full or partial) for my 2012 Ford Transit Connect (pic attached).

As you'll see in the attached samples, I lean toward a clean, modern, minimalistic design aesthetic. But, I've also included a few other graphics and color palettes that I like. I like a nice bright color or two, but overall something gender neutral. Likely the winning wrap design will be made up of 1 or 2 dominant colors, with white and gray. I don't have a set logo, so please just use text. 

On the wrap design, please include the company name, url, and phone #: 
Website Overnite 

Thanks for entering the contest - I'll provide feedback on your submissions quickly! 

~ Jess

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  • About #16, @TheDelorean - I have a couple little tweaks I'd like you to try, but I didn't want you to put in more time until you knew you'd get the $ :)
  • About #26, @johnnydeppox Thanks, Jess, I am providing the design according to the 2012 Ford Transit.
    What about my other entries?
    • @johnnydeppox - thank you for your entries, but I've decided to go with another designer.

  • About #24, @TheDelorean - nice as well!
  • About #26, @johnnydeppox - I'm not really feeling the new designs, they feel too masculine for my taste.
  • About #26, @johnnydeppox - I do appreciate your new entries.. it's kinda hard though for me to picture how these would look on a 2012 Ford Transit, it's much shorter.
  • About #20, @TheDelorean - this is definitely interesting, I'm not sure though..
  • About #19, @Nataly - I like the graphics, thanks for entering!
  • About #17, @TheDelorean - could you please move the phone number up under the url on the rear? I may be using a tow carrier, and it would cover up the #.
  • About #17, @TheDelorean - nice!
  • About #15, @Nasrul - this is a cool idea, I'll have to think about it. I don't love the orange, though.
  • About #14, @AhmedBaloch - hi thanks for entering, but I don't resonate with this logo.
  • Hi, Jess Thank For Contest, i am Very interested to make Your Car wrap Design.
    Just can you Attach Your logo if you have...
    Because it was batter to make it more Creative...
  • Dear CH,

    Hope you like this new logo creation.

    Best Regards #27
  • Hi, Please check here is the new concept.
    Please provide feedback.
    Thanks. #26
  • Hi, Jess, This is the new concept.
    Please provide feedback on my all designs.
    Depp #23
  • Hi, Please check the front side of the wrap.
    Thanks #22
  • Hi, Jess, Please provide feedback on my design.
    Thanks #21
  • About #13, @mr.bajrami89 @jess2

    I didn't expect to be rated with 10 points.

    I'm expert in Graphic Design. Also i'm new in this this site! You didn't appreciate my work at all. I wish u the best
  • About #12, @TheDelorean - also please replace the corded phone icon with one that looks like an iphone
  • About #8, @ideasstudio - I'm not a big fan of this fade effect, but thanks