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Project description

We would like to wrap the flat sides of a box truck (not the cabin).  This is a delivery/repair truck for the largest shredder and office equipment company in the U.S.  We are looking for simplicity and a professional look that promotes brand awareness, but also the fact that we sell two major categories. 

Attached, you will find some basic layouts we were throwing around with some wording.  You will also find a psd of our logo. 

Truck Info: 
2011 Isuzu NPR 16’ Box

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  • About #1, @arni_admim looks really good. Can you try a lighter blue that matches the blue on our logo? Thank you so much!
    • hi contest holder good day to you, please extend your contest. thank you......... :)

  • please if possible extend your contest.
  • White logo gray background more attractive. #11
  • Hello ch, please check new design option included red color more attractive. #9
  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback. Here's what you asked for. #8
  • Hello ch, please check also original color logo with dark background theme front, back & sides design hopefully you will like my new idea thanks #7
  • Hello ch, please check side & back design hopefully you will like appreciated feedback thanks #6
  • Hi, any feedback is welcome.

    Kind Regards Jaycob #2