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Truck (2014 F-450 crew cab 4x4) and trailer (8' tall, 40 ' long gooseneck) wrap, promoting the "Tech Outdoors" brand and outdoors lifestyle of all terrain and off-road vehicle enthusiasts; dirt bike, quad sport, side by side, golf cart, lawnmower, bicycle, moped, maintenance people and equipment transport, farm implement. Specifically aimed at those enjoying off road driving as a means of recreation, maintenance and relaxation. Truck and trailer should compliment each other when hooked together and also be able to represent the brand when separated. Finished product should represent ruggedness and toughness and respectful to all age groups. Website address should be displayed where it is easy to find, yet subtle on trailer, not necessary on truck

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  • feel free for any revisions if needed, thank you #42
  • I added a social media icon so people who see will think to search the internet and are interested in your activities. I also add a barcode to make it easier to find your website if there is a driver who is behind you.

    For the color and font of the website does it need to be replaced?
    You want a plain black front or need to be added with a logo? #24
  • Sir this is a sample design. Please check it and give you feedback and rating #23
  • Please let me know if any modification your need. #19
  • Hello :)
    Feedback if you like :) #14
  • HI, feedback is welcome #12
    • @jaycobbb The ideas are different than what we have seen so far. The color options is good. Tech outdoors logo should present more prominently. too much space behind rear fenders. What can you fill with? Silhouettes of activities possibly? Please keep creating!

  • Please feedback if you like my design :) #10
    • @rahmad_nursahid Thanks for the design. I plan to keep the front of the truck black. The Tech "oval" needs to be clearly displayed, in full. This far, in the passenger door window seems to present the best location. Mountains in background is a cool feature. White Tech oval does not present well on black. Keep creating and please submit more ideas!

  • About #2, @adi_saos

  • I would prefer to keep the front of the truck black. Any changes you might imagine to allow this and still look good? Also, use of other bold colors in the graphics would be great if you can dream them in. if not, its looking pretty good so far! #2
  • E mail me at dlayne@trc4r.com with questions.
    • About #5, #4 , #3 here are my entries. Please let me know your feedback on them, bests, Sajad