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Winning design #48 by zounds, CD Cover Design for Dr. Seuss The Lorax eBook cover design Contest
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designed by zounds

Project description

In celebration of Dr. Seuss birthday (March 2nd) we are looking for the best eBook cover for the classic tale, The Lorax about a mossy old hermit who lives in a very surreal forest filled with crazy and interesting wildlife. One day, the evil Once-ler, descends upon the forest and starts to go after the beautiful Truffula Trees in order to turn their foliage into completely useless clothing called Thneeds.
Clipart from Dr. Seuss is allowed in this contest, however they must be used in your own work and not to make replicas to pages that have already appeared in Dr. Seuss books. Alternatively you can create your own illustrations and characters that would live amongst the Truffula Trees. We would like there to see lots of color and fun images in this amusing story of an ecology crisis.

This DesignContest.com Community Contest is in no way affiliated with Dr. Seuss. Prize money will be paid by DesignContest.com. The logos and trademarks used in this contest are the property of their respective owners.

The prize money will be given out as:

GOLD - $200
SILVER - $150
BRONZE - $50

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  • If you need some help for inspiration - here is the trailer for the upcoming movie, The Lorax. http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi1238212889/
  • I have corrected the age, from the bottom line. RIP Dr Seuss
  • Very nice. lots of color and something original, I would like to see more
  • please read the design brief
  • Please read the design brief
  • we want to see color, characters, this should be a happy cover full of color art
  • We are looking for more than just a cover character, We want to see creativity in this, color
  • It is a toss up between this one and #7 I like both, you followed the brief very well! I can't wait to see more... I would like to see a brand new made up seuss chracter just to see what you can come up with : ) I like this one because you can see the trees a bit more but then #7 shows you right off what it is
  • We are not looking for a phone app or skin, this is an E-book cover we are looking for
  • Great designs so far! If I didn't leave a comment go ahead and submit new entries. I think I have marked everyone for more entries, please let me know if I left you out. This is a community contest so rule are VERY lax here, this is a place we can chat about each others entries even make suggestions to each other, Lets have fun with this learn a little but mostly lets have fun with this. A little food for thought : ) Some or maybe all may know this but I;m going to write it out any ways :o just a few things to think about when working your illustration One thing to remember when working an illustration even for an Ebook like this.... Think about the balance, the flow of the illustration. Illustration is way different than logo designs, the flow and balance are very important things to consider. When viewing one of these covers ask yourself......where does your eye go first, then how does your eye flow through the illustration. What is the important element or part of the illustration is that where you want the viewers eye to start at or do you want to start from top and go down ect..... A few things to remember the viewers eye will go to the brightest most colorful element first (most of the time) Just like in your own home or office if you have something red in your office a visitor eyes will almost always go to the red first. So placement of the elements become an important part of what and how you want the viewer to see your illustration With this community contest we want to see originality, we don't want to see a design that is already in use like a page from the book or screen shot from movie. Feel free to even create a new suess character (that would be awesome) Remember this contest is make believe we are not making an E-book this is for community contest purpose only. You will still own the design when the contest is over (or own what you made, not any clipart you may have used. Speaking of clipart..we said it is ok to use clipart but It would be great and just plain awesome to see original work Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see more ebook covers from everyone. Remember to use the facebook like buttons on the covers you like and feel free to post comments about any entry you like or don't
  • I would like to see something new
  • I love this one. Great job. I love how you have created an atmosphere suitable for Dr. Seuss's the Lorax. This is what we want to see more of! An original illustration showing your vision of this place that was created by Seuss. What I am likeing is the fact you worked up your own illustration . I want to see more like this
  • Dear Contest Holder; Entry# 21, Dr. Seuss was himself an illustrator, therefore what better way to honor him but by doing an original illustration of his work The Lorax. This is my version of The Lorax, it was based from Dr. Seuss’ original drawing and partly from the character in the movie (the eyebrows). But it was all original; the entire design was drawn and colored in Photoshop in High Resolution. In fact when viewed in its original size you can even see the strands of hair in the Lorax and the Once-ler’s fur. I wanted to show the details on the Truffula trees since we always see them from afar so I placed a chopped down Truffula on the foreground. And I always believed that the Once-ler is a central character other than the Lorax so he deserves to be on the cover. Lastly, perhaps the most important word in the book and summarizes the moral of the story; “UNLESS” … My interpretation of this word is this: ‘The world will perish into nothingness UNLESS each and every human being does his/her part to save it.’ I hope my contribution pleases the Contest Holder and your suggestions how to improve or modify the design are greatly welcomed and appreciated. Respectfully, RizoRex
  • Sharie I really like this one. However I have submitted a few new ideas as well. Some more modern and some more original. I would love to know your thoughts. Thank you for your time!
  • Hi Sharie, This is my personal version on theLorax :-) Hope you like it. Kind regards, -- jjyepez
  • I am #2. You want to see more with a similar style? Or you want me to make changes to #2?
  • Dear Sharie, with your permission :) For inspirational purpouse I'd like to invite designers to watch the original 1972's TV short cartoon at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23lHvYfaENw It's just amazing, considering it was made at the beginning of 70's .. many of us may not be born yet, I wasn't :) Hope you enjoy it. Best regards, jjy
  • :-( .. (a little disappointed) Some elements of this illustration are a little bit too similar to this image: http://www.heedthelorax.com/ some other similarities found :-( (http://www.designmom.com/images/lorax2.png) for #22 and #23 Nice job though. However, You have a very nice technique.
  • @rizorex: Your take on the Lorax is just amazing! It's just great the way you achieved the datail in fur! You work on a tablet / Digitilizing-tablet, don't you? However, Nice job! jjy
  • Entry #23 I've incorporated a few animal characters from other Dr. Seuss' illustrations. No Once-ler in this illustration.