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Winning design #44 by manila, CD Cover Design for Facebook Landing Pages Contest
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designed by manila

Project description

Two landing pages designs and left top banner for web hosting company Facebook page.

We are in the process of developing our Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Web-Hosting-Hub/229948003683123

We need 2 pages designed & left small vertical banner (the banner will be done after the contest end with the winning designer).

1) First landing page is for the landing page where we will attract our potential fans. The main goal is to motivate users to click Like button above. For example like http://www.facebook.com/pepsi (it has distinctive arrow tot he like button)
Here's what I prefer to show on that image:

Welcome to WebHostingHUB Facebook Community!

Click the Like button to unlock:

Only for our Fans!

• Monthly Freebies, Draws and Giveaways
• Free Business Identity Overhauls
• Free Domains for Life
• Free Domain Privacy Protections
• ...and many more

Access to latest News and Industry Trends
Access to Education Channels - Gain Knodledege and Experiance

Unlock $3.95/month Special Offer For New Customers
Our awards winning reliable unlimited package:
• Unlimited Disk Space, bandwidth, email, websites
• Free Domain for Life
• Easy Premium Web Builder
• 24/7 U.S. based support
• 90-days Money Back Guarantee

At the bottom list Contact Us info and Awards.
Contact Us:
Toll Free: 877-595-4482 x1
Intl: 757-416-6627 x1
Mon-Fri: 8am - 12am EST (5am - 9pm PST)
Sat-Sun: 10am - 9pm EST (7am - 6pm PST)
Email: sales@webhostinghub.com (24/7)
Live Chat: » Click To Chat

Support - 24/7:
Toll Free: 877-595-4482 x2
Intl: 757-416-6627 x2
Mon-Sun: 24/7
Help Desk: » Submit Support Ticket
Email: support@webhostinghub.com
Live Chat: » Click To Chat

Awards: You can download the awards from here:

2) Second landing page is what will be shown to our Fans (who have liked us).

New Customers:
Our awards winning reliable unlimited package Special $3.95/m Offer:
• Unlimited Disk Space, bandwidth, email, websites
• Free Domain for Life
• Easy Premium Web Builder
• 24/7 U.S. based support
• 90-days Money Back Guarantee
Get Started button (same as on our site - webhostinghub.com)

Existing customers:
Join Monthly Draws and Giveaways
Access Education Channels
Sign up for Your Hosting Services Status Instant Notifications
Are we doing good job? - we like to know! Submit your review

At the bottom please list Contact Us info and Awards (same as on the 1-st landing page)

3) for the Facebook left banner/logo we'll work after the contest ends with the above 2 pages designs. Our homepage is going through the redesign right now. Attached is the new homepage design. I attached Logo AI file for this.

Please use our colors that you can see on our website.

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  • Monthly freebie, Draws and Giveaways should be major heading (like Access to News and Trends)...the Free Hosting, Free Domains, etc are the things you can win.
  • Join Monthly Giveaways & Access Education Channels are for New and Existing costomers as it states in the Brief.
  • here is the the "Second landing page" to Fans (who have liked) I used the same theme I used on my entry #9
  • thanks for the feedback.. here is my revision.. (sorry about #8 my mistake in uploading) thanks! manila
  • This is the comment to all designs: Please make one section "Contact Us" with 2 columns 1) Sales 2) Support Awards Section needs to list the awards. The Brief describes where to download the awards. You should not list any URLs, just the awards themselves Thanks for the great designs so far!
  • Unlock message has to be much clearer with arrow pointing to the FB Like button. Welcome to Facebook community doesn't need to be that big. Visitors need to be persuaded to become a fan - this is $3.95/m offer only to fans, and other benefits that I listed.
  • The orange buttons should only be used for "Call to Action" or in other words Buttons. You are using these as headings
  • Greeting whhub, This is my First Concept for the WebHostingHub FB Page, Let me know if i'm in the Right/Wrong Direction. Regards, -Amr
  • Please use company colors (blue, orange) that you can see on www.webhostinghub.com or in the samples submitted
  • Very Cool! Can we use our girl anywhere from the homepage? I understand this is draft, but what are you planning to do with the text in the grey circles? I like how you look at the landing page and it give you the idea that it is locked and what to do next...but to understand why you need to unlock still needs to be worked on in this design
  • Can you make the arrow to come out from where the "thumb up hand is"? I liked the Lock yellow Box above... This kinda implies that the visitor needs to unlock something. I'm not sure about the "Access to latest news and trends and Education Channels"...this messages blend in too much and not readable...Maybe show graphically Latest News (newspaper or similar) and Education Channels (Graduate Hat or similar)? We can also change the message if needed. "Monthly Freebie, Draws and Giveaways" is the header - doesn't need the check-mark, the rest of the "Free + ...and many more" need to be indented. May you can have some "Free $$$ graphics" here too (maybe try on background). Maybe change that message
  • This is definitely MUCH better! I'm looking at the 768px height resolution (which is the most popular) and big yellow unlock $3.95 box is below the fold. Can we fit the important things above the fold? Also can you make the the Yeallow arrow in top left point right at the Like button - if possible.
  • Updates: - added more graphics on content to make it less plain and not boring. - added Big Hand "Like" graphics - Arrow is more appealing - Added a box and a lock graphic to popup more Let me know if i'm on the right track! Thanks, -Amr
  • Hi Everyone! I don't think I'm getting what I want here. Go to facebook and brows landing pages for popular brands. Like for example http://www.facebook.com/cocacola I was expecting to get something less plain than what I see. We can really do what I see ourselves. I'm expecting quality DESIGNS and not plain flyer. About messages: Click to unlock should be most dominant, then Only for our fans should be part of the same message and not separated into another section. $3.95 offer should be another major component in decision making when clicking Like. (There's really no better offer online for hosting than ours.) About Contact US and Awards are the trust factors that shouldn't be as dominant as the other messages.
  • The easiest way to get online is the Offer Value Proposition that is used for hosting account purchase. Here we need to have something that motivates user to Click the Like button
  • Why there's two logos on the page? I think the second one is taking up valuable space
  • I think Welcome to WebHositngHUB Facebook Community is too Dominant. - try to remove it. Free...and many more are the bullets of the Monthly Freebies, Draws and Giveaways. I like the arrow up top. But the top of the arrow blends in with white background. Then it feels like there are 3 sections: Only for fans, Unlock $3.95 and Contact US...Contact us should be as important as Awards (not too dominant...I like how Awards section look) Unlock $3.95 is also for our fans, but it feels that it is separated out. Needs work.
  • As requested, Arrow pointing to "Like" Also Sales & Support Listed in 2 Column Under Contact, Listed all Awards Icon Instead on URL Links. Regards, -Amr
  • Nice design! Can you make few changes: 1) The orange arrow - make it a bit bigger and brighter, so it steps out of the blue box a bit. 2) instead of FREE put WIN. then move FREE to FREE Domains, FREE Privacy Protection, FREE Business Identity Redesign 3) take out "to" under Access. Maybe Try EXCLUSIVE ACCESS in stead of ACCESS 4) OUR AWARDS WINNING UNLIMITED PACKAGE - take out "RELIABLE" 5) Make this box brighter and have some web hosting server background in the box. or add the Server image somewhere. 6) Like us now please change the red ribbon color to facebook blue. 7) Relate somehow the blue box UNLOCK $3.95/Month. With an arrow or something similar.
  • Hello whhub, Do you have any other modifications on the concept, Shall I proceed on the next landing page? Kindly Advice, Thanks.