Going to Hell

Very happy with the design. Could maybe be easier to get hold off after the competition was over for minor changes.

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Winning design #46 by lapina.mad, CD Cover Design for Going to Hell Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lapina.mad

Project description

We are a hard rock band from Norway called Kalfar (check us out at Kalfar.com)  about to release our second album called "Going to Hell"  and we need an album cover. It should be in colour, but we will consider black and white versions. It needs the dimensions 1600 * 1600 pixels or  bigger, perfect square and in best RGB color mode.

We have two basic ideas for an album cover. 
You can choose one of the ideas, or you can somehow combine them, or try something unexpected. Attached are some picture you can use as inspiration.

Obviously we need the band name "Kalfar" and the album title "Going to Hell" to be in the cover art. How it is written/fonts/style is up to you and how you do the art.

Idea A:
Earth falling into burning galaxy/hell/black hole.

Idea B:
Alien spaceship maybe marked Kalfar on their way to earth.

We need the end product in a common format as we dont have any design software.

We are likely to give back ideas and suggestions however, we are not designers so these may or may not work. For us it's nice to try different ideas :). We also don't fully like the 0-100 thing so unless we say otherwise we will be considering all designs and try to give feedback to help support each designer getting something done we like and will consider

Thanks for all the work and effort in advance,

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  • Hi all,

    Thanks for the many, many entries.

    There's so many good and different ones that we're struggling to do much other than discuss backwards and forwards as a band. This is some difficult decision making for us due to the high number of good quality entries. We appreciate all the hard work and can't thank you all enough!!

    Many thanks,
  • Need anything please reply. #61
  • Hi there, I thought I would have one more try before the contest ends. I drew Satan's skull, I thought it might make a nice tattoo! I have put it on a fiery orange background that will hopefully attract attention. Have a great evening. Lizzy : ) #60
  • Rate my concept please #52, @imran1029
  • Hi Kalfar band :-) is there anything else I can do?
  • CD cover for kalfar #55
  • CD cover for Kalfar. #54
  • About #46, @lapina.mad Hi, Thanks for the entry (and the colour options) - it's really cool.

  • Please let me know what you think. :) #51
  • Hope you enjoy some hand drawn design too. :)
    Every color and font can be changed as you want! #42
  • About #36, @kostasnin

    Definitely more black metal! We'll get back if we have any ideas.

    Many thanks,
  • Hi all,

    We have lots of great looking planets and spaceships now - amazing. And they all look cool! Feel free to surprise with something completely different from this point on. You never know - it could blow us away :)

    Thanks for all the amazing work guys,,
  • a bit more extreme #36
  • This area might work for battle? #12
  • Hi again, please check this correction and let me know what you think.

    My best,
    operhal #35
  • Option with little bit brighter cracks and partial explosion on bottom left side..hope you will like it..

    my best,
    operhal #33
  • another option.. #29
  • Hi all.

    Hated doing it but after discussions with the band members and our inner circle I have eliminated some entries. All the art was good but it's probably better to know now if we're not considering it.

    Please do submit any other ideas you might have and good luck with all your future art!

    Many thanks,
  • About #28, @operhal Hi, very cool. Very detailed as well which is nice.

    • @haarflot0 Thank you! :) If is there anything you would like to change or improve please don't hesitate to contact me.

  • Hi again, please check this correction. #28