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Winning design #32 by NewAge, CD Cover Design for GymnasticStrong DVD and DVD case design Contest
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designed by NewAge

Project description

Hi, I am the owner of GymnasticStrong, a company that has produced 5 different titles of strength and conditioning DVDs for gymnasts. I am looking for a modern design for the DVDs and the DVD cases. I also own Sk8Strong, at, and I would like the DVD design to look as similar to the Sk8Strong DVDs, but feel free to be creative! You can view all of the designs on the website. My former graphic designer is no longer doing design work, and I need something similar to his work for the new cases/DVDs. You may view our GymnasticStrong logo at Here are the specifications for the cases: *GymnasticStrong logo *Blue color to match the GymnasticStrong website *Pattern similar to Sk8Strong, but fee free to be creative! *A picture of a gymnast on a beam, tumbling, or on bars in the background (similar to where the Sk8Strong skate is) **or just a picture of a beam or vault without the gymnast, if you think two 'people' pics will make it look too busy. *A picture in the foreground of a person exercising. Please use the pictures from our video shoot I have provided at the bottom of this brief, but if they aren't the correct dpi, please use your own. There will also be a small picture on the back cover corner, and I will provide the text for the back of the covers. *Each DVD disc will have the same picture of the person exercising (as the case), and the title I have provided sample Sk8Strong graphics at the end of this brief. *The 5 titles are as follows: "Youth Strength and Stability Training" "Competitive and Elite Strength and Conditioning" "The Gymnast Evaluation" "Dynamic Warmup and Flexibility Training" "Core Stability Training" Thank you so much for helping me with this design! Let me know if you have any questions!

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  • to hdcreation (#2,#4,#5) Can you keep the back cover from #2, but change the pictures on the bottom to the ones from my video shoot in the brief (there are plenty of examples). I like that layout the best of yours; please keep the gymnast picture and the biography pics). On the front cover: NO SKATES please. I would like either a gymnastic vault or balance beam (without a gymnast on it)in the background, and one of the video shoot pictures in the front of it. Let me know if you have any questions. Change that and it would be perfect!
    • Hi Lauren Thanks Reply me ASAP i will do That chnages TNX

    • Thanks so much!

    • #9, #10 Thank you, but these aren't really what I had asked for. If you read my last comment about #2, and read the brief, you will get a good idea of what I am looking for.

    • hi Thanks to rate me. but Unfortunately i can't submit more entry. Because this web limited to submit my design. i have so many options. but i can't upload, sorry for that TNX

  • #3 Thanks I like this one much better. Can you italicize the writing on the front? Thanks!
    • Of course CH, I´ll upload it as soon as it´s ready, any other change I´m here. Cheers!

    • Thank you!

    • Hi Carlos, I have rated the designs and really like your design. The only changes to make are the italicized writing, and could you put three photo shoot pictures on the bottom of the back cover, instead of in the diagonal direction? I will also have a small amount of writing (credits) like the Sk8Strong example on the bottom right back cover corner. Can you also do a sample disc design? Just FYI, when I have the five different titles, I will just have a different picture on each of the front covers, and on each disc. Thank you!

  • Hello Mam! Can you please review design #6, #7 and #8 please? Tried keeping more of open spaces.. lots of design elements distract a person's mind! Thought of using silhouettes instead of real life pics. The ones you have provided will break up into pixels and wont be sharp enough if used for printing...... hope u like the designs!! Thanks.
    • Thank you for your designs; very innovative and different!

    • Gee thanks for appreciating! would love to have rating points!

    • I will rate them in the next few days. I like the design, but I'd like it to have a similar feel to the Sk8Strong DVD design, as the parent company is the same. Feel free to add other ideas you may have. Thank you!

  • To all designers, thank you for your submissions so far. In regards to the picture of a person exercising on the front, if you think the pictures from our shoot would be too fuzzy, feel free to find other exercise pictures. Thanks!
  • #2 Great design! I like the fonts and the modern design. The only issue, there should be nothing referring to skating, only gymnastics. If you could change the skate to a picture of a balance beam or gymnastic vault that would be great. I also put some pictures from our new video shoot on the brief. I love the idea of the three clips on the back cover, but could you change them to the ones included in the brief please? And is it possible to do a picture from our shoot (of the person, not the background) on the front cover? Also, please do not put the contact info on the back corner. Thanks, this is a great design!
    • Hi Lauren First will thanks to like my design. ASAP i will do this changes. but i can upload to only 1 visual. because i am new of this. so this site given to new comers to only 5 visual. but i try to do my best TNX

    • Thanks! Please keep the gymnast on the back cover like it is; I like that.

  • #2 Also, the bottom title would be 'Strength and Conditioning for Gymnasts' for each DVD
  • #1 Cool design! Could you change the font of the title to make it a little bolder? I will attach some pictures from our video shoot to the brief to see if they are usable for the cover, and some other examples of the Sk8Strong covers. Would it look too busy with two 'people' pictures on the cover? If so, I'd like the background picture to be of a beam or vault (without a gymnast), and a picture of the person exercising in the foreground. What do you think? Thanks!
  • #13 Thank you foe entering! Thanks for following all the specifications, and I like the idea of the beam going across both covers.
    • Thank you, I resubmitted my design #16 , I corrected the colors, for some reason they showed up different, but now they look the same way I wanted them, i did apply the design into the cover to see how it will look like in use.

    • Thank you!

  • #11 Thanks much better! Can you put the GymnasticStrong logo on the disc. Also, I figured one thing that was a little distracting- the pattern behind the logo. Can you just keep that plain, and lower it down a little on the front cover. Thanks!
    • Sure CH, I´ll work on it, just, give a couple minutes. Best regards.

    • Take your time, no rush!

    • #12 Can you just make the spine background color all the same color (the darker one)? Thank you!

  • #18 Thank you for your entry! I like the sillouette idea. My vision for the front cover is a something that shows the DVD is associated with both gymnastics and fitness, not just one or the other. It doesn't have to use my shoot picture, so if you find something that represents fitness/exercise that looks better, great! Also, can you make the title font with a shadow; and italicized. I think the black outline is a little too bold. I'd also like it to say (in smaller print) on the bottom: 'Strength and Conditioning for Gymnasts'. I also would like the back cover to represent both gymnastics and my shoot pictures. I think 3 video shoot pictures maximum is fine, and also they are a little too dark in your entry. If you could make it lighter that would be great. Feel free to be creative! I like this entry and think it could be very good with some adjustments. Thanks!
    • Thank you for your review. I am working on the new version and I will try to include all things you said. I hope you'll like it. It should be done in few hours.

  • #8 Love the back cover, just not the front. I would like something a little more modern, and something on the front that represents both fitness/exercise and gymnastics.
  • #15 Great! Each title will have a different cover and disc picture. Dynamic Warmup=Spiderman picture, Youth= sp cord reach pull picture, Competitive/Elite= SL Bridge ball picture, Core Stability= quad plank picture, Gymnast Evaluation= psoas picture. No need to do this now. Layout is great, just change the spine of the case to all one color (darker one).. Thank you!
  • Hello Mam, please have a look at #26 and #27..... I am, dunno y, kind of unable to bring out that "powder blue" that you are looking for. tried getting close to that blue in #27.... hope you like it!
    • #26 I am not attached to the header and website colors that I have already. If I upped the contest $25, could you do a website header that matches the colors of #26? Also, where it says the title, could you make the solid background color a darker blue and the writing white? Also, what are your thoughts on the front cover exercise pictures for the 5 cases. Would it be better for me to get some stock photos or use the video shoot ones? Also, can you do a sample design of a disc? Thank you I love this design

    • Can you convert my photo shoot pictures to .eps format so they can be used on the covers? Thank you.

    • Dear Mam, Thank you so much for liking the designs.... let me speak in points: 1. Website header can be done....not a problem. 2. we will need new pictures for sure....coz i dont think that "eps" conversion will solve the problem....yes, one thing that we can do is use the same pics , but slightly blurred.. wont be sharp, face would not be sharp but the posture can be easily seen......or else, u can re-shoot the pics in daylight with white/black (monotonous) background....the model in your shoot pics is perfect! 3. sample design of disc.....will do it asap! 4. can you please tell me which font have you used for writing "gymnasticstrong"? THANKS & Regards.

  • Dear CH, I have a revised version of my design, but I can´t upload it due to there's a limit of upload. Could you rate mi entry, to get another chance of upload?
    • You don't need to upload more; I'm happy with what you have submitted. Thank you!

    • May I suggest something? You don´t need to get stock photos, the video shoot ones can be easily converted to .eps (vectorized) that way you will save a lot.

    • Thank you I did not know that!

  • Dear CH, please have a look at #25. I have changed some details and colors. I am looking forward to your review. Every your comment is very useful to me. Thank you!
  • Dear CH, can u please review design #21, #22 and #23....tried a different front~ thanks.
    • Thank you I love many of the changes! A couple of things: 1) change the tone of blue to match the blue on the website; it is a little too teal right now. 2)I'm not a big fan of the yellow; can you change it to white 3)Change the words 'safe hands' to 'Our Team' 4)Please no address on the bottom. You can switch to the following info: 'Producer: Lauren Downes, Director: Stephen Conca, Cover Design: ____ Email:, then the website. I will be needing 5 different exercise pictures on the front of the 5 different covers. I can go to big stock photo and purchase some pictures if my photo shoot pics are not the correct dpi. Also, after the contest, I will be providing the winner with the text for each back cover. And the discs will of course match the cases. Thank you so much for this design and changes. Very cool.

    • Thanks for the quick response... will revise and revert back soon....

  • #30 Also please make the gymnast white, not yellow. Thanks
    • hello mam! i just logged on....doing the corrections... I know its wrong but can we slightly change the font of gymnasticstrong??

    • Yes slight change is fine as long as it's very similar. :-)

  • Dear Mam, plz have a look at design #28, #29 and #30. I would like to know the name of font used for writing "GymnasticStrong". I wud also like to have the clipart that you used on your old header. If you r going for a photo reshoot, plz ask the photographer to take close shots with white/black/monotonous background(so that we can cut out the body posture easily and cleanly)....thanks and regards.
    • Sorry a late reply, night time over here in the US! #28 Perfect except can you make the 'Youth..." white writing please. In #29 I like the bottom right disc with the white writing/blue background. I don't know the font or have the clipart from the header; the previous designer did it. Can you make the font of the 'Strength and Cond.....' either in capitals or a little bolder? Also, in the header, do not include the menu buttons. In my web program I add them myself. We are not doing a photo reshoot; can you cut the pictures like the other designers did? Sorry to be difficult, if I am. Thanks for all your work.

  • Dear Mam, Thank you so much for liking the designs.... let me speak in points: 1. Website header can be done....not a problem. 2. we will need new pictures for sure....coz i dont think that "eps" conversion will solve the problem....yes, one thing that we can do is use the same pics , but slightly blurred.. wont be sharp, face would not be sharp but the posture can be easily seen......or else, u can re-shoot the pics in daylight with white/black (monotonous) background....the model in your shoot pics is perfect! 3. sample design of disc.....will do it asap! 4. can you please tell me which font have you used for writing "gymnasticstrong"? THANKS & Regards.
  • Thank you to all entries; they were all great designs and it was a tough decision!