iPad 2 Skin Art Design for Hosting Company

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Winning design #126 by ReBrand, CD Cover Design for iPad 2 Skin Art Design for Hosting Company Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ReBrand

Project description

We are going to award a group of our employees with iPad 2's for hitting an amazing milestone with the company. We want to have custom skin designs to place over the iPad 2 but we need your help. Visit skinit.com to get an idea for the dimensions for the iPad 2, front and back. Be creative, visit our website rackspace.com to get some inspiration for our color scheme, but you don't necessarily have to follow it. It can be abstract, flowy, anything as long as you can incorporate the words "One Million" as in dollars. If you can easter egg the letters "EA" somewhere in the graphics that would be awesome as well, it can be like a watermark or somewhere where it's not easily visible. It doesn't have to say "Rackspace" in the design, but if you are able to fit it in there was well, that would be a plus.

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  • Dear CH, If you look at the design from the right vertical you can see a tree effect. thank you
  • new color scheme also changed the typography slightly hope you like it, thank-you
  • Added fat font and the "EA" is in the middle with the circuits. It's lighter than the rest.
  • Benje00, let's try fat for #31
  • You could be onto something here. I need it to "pop" some more. Possibly changing the font and background some can help.
  • Feels like it's missing something.
  • Dear CH, Which type font would you like to see on #31? Curly? Simple? Fat? Skinny?
  • Focus on your other design submission. I like that one more
  • I like the flow of this. Are you able to submit something with a different font and with the letters "EA" kind of hidden in the background? Thanks.
  • I like your direction on this. To me it feels like it's missing something. What gets to me I think is the amount of open white space.
  • I like your other design submission better.
  • I like the visual effect on the one million, I'd like to see a different font.
  • Rackspace looks like it has a space in between rack and space. Not a fan of the bubbles.
  • Hmm, interesting. Can you make it look like an actual gold bar stamp? I'd like to see how that would look.
  • Can you change the color scheme to something similar to the rackspace.com colors. thanks
  • Hmm, can you change the font of the one million and somehow incorporate the letters "EA" somewhere in the background.
  • Great work with this revision as well.
  • Nice revision, it's one of my faves.
  • Thanks Ch for your feedback. Here is the Design Showing Clearer EA.
  • Nice design.