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Winning design #48 by Bernadette, CD Cover Design for Kitesurf Board Graphic Design Contest
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designed by Bernadette

Project description

As I said before, we are a Kitesurfing brand and make boards. Our project is to have a spectacular design for a board.
The board size is 133cm x 40cm, so the design should be a bit bigger.

We would like something medieval and renaissance, inspired in the old times, old world maps. Deteriored and worn. We also like Leonardo Da Vinci font. In his works and projects he was writing by hand every thing. This is the kind of handwriting we like.

This is the idea we have. But is hard to express. We are open to the creativity of the designer as well.

Our company has a logo, and we need to include it. We want that the logo is integrated in the design.

We want some different options. But inspired in the Da Vinci font.
Check this board,

We don't like shields and swords, or heraldic.
We like more Renaissance-Medieval closest to Leonardo da Vinci.
But it must be something original.
We like that it has an actual look, but at the same time, reflecting old times.

Colors don't need to be the ones below. Can also be balck and gold.

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  • Hey guys! Both designs are pretty cool, but is not the exactly idea we have. I'm spanish, and is hard to express in english for me. I change the brief, with new info. You can guys check it again please? We don't like swords or shields. We prefere like it seems old and used. Worn or deteriorated. In the Ronix board you can see and old world map and some text (the font is like the Leonardo Da Vinci handwriting). Hope this help, i'll we watching and trying to give feedback. Thanks a lot!
  • All hand drawned, original and exclusive design. Hope you like it.
  • Ignore the first one! forgot to add the GP sheild
  • Thank you for the great feedback and additional information. I will update my design tonight and add the second side.
  • Guys, I added 2 more examples. They are not examples, just white. But you can see how will be the board. The #17 is the top of the board. You can see the Foot Pads. This part will be covered by the Pads, so you wont see the design. Anyway I think will look good. Just so you have it in mind. The #16 is the bottom of the board. You see all the design. I just talked with the factory and they told me the size of the design should be 137x43cm. Thanks!
  • Hello! I liked a lot the design #11 and #14. This is the idea we have. Nice :) General brief: We don't want to use Gisela Pulido only the logo and the GP. We like that is very integrated in the design. Brief #11: I love that one, really cool. As I said, we don't want to use Gisela Pulido. In your design, I think just the logo will look awesome. We are thinking on the quotes... And we need top and bottom graphic. Brief#14: Also liked that one, looks pretty nice. We don't like too much the GP font. And we would like the logo a bit more integrated. If you want, you can give an old and worn touch. Don't need to respect exactly how it is. Congrats to the designers, doing great job. I forgot, I will upload the board in White (top and bottom) so you can see how it is. And thanks!
  • It's a little hard to see with these small previews, but part of the background texure is an historic map of the Mediterranean Sea (extracted from a 400 year old public domain image). Quotes are Di Vinci. Were there any specific quotes or poems Gisela was interested in for these designs? If there is the possibility of working putting finishing touches on the designs in Photoshop (vs. the required vector based format) I could add quite a bit more subtle texture. Textures and graphic elements are originals (besides the logo and fonts).
  • Do you want just one side or two sides of the board designed?
  • Dear Contest Holder, Design #9 is an original concept for a rustic board design. I wanted to give the design an "Old World" feel so the base of the board has a light wood effect. I also added some grunge to the board to make it look old and worn as well. You mentioned a map in the brief, so I decided to go with an old map for the main design, but it does not take away from your company name at all. Your company name is in a dark brown with s light shadow effect so that it looks like it is written right into the board. I applied this effect to your logo as well. All of the images in this design are hand made, so you won't see a copy of it anywhere and you won't need to worry about buying copyrights to any graphics. Please feel free to ask for any changes! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
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  • Hey there! I change the format of the logo to .eps About the design #6 and #7 they are getting closer to what we want. Good. This font is not exactly the one, and it's too full. I really like the black background, looks old and worn. We also need to give this aspect to the logo. And add some more things, (like the map in the Ronix board) but similar. I don't know what do you guys think? What will look cool?
  • could you provide the company logo in a EPS format please?
  • #7 This is same design as #6 (only little bit changed) but also with front of board. Hope you like it :)
  • Hey. This is my design #6 Tell me what you think. Also i did "real size" version of it but designcontest don't let me to put it in "too big and also its 3.28 MB". :/
  • Hi, Please take a look at my 2nd design Bernadette
  • please consider this revision instead of #32 after a second thought i found that some parts of the board could hide the logo and design Bernadette
  • thanks for feedback logo is a bit modified please let me know what you think Bernadette
  • I like that one pretty much. The adoration is cool. The only thing is the logo... Maybe in a different way, or other position. More hiden.
  • Nice worn, butt is a bit poor. Add some more adoration like the #20 or #25
  • It's ok but very simple, try to add our logo, some more objects, da Vinci font, and delete Gisela Pulido. I like if possible GP.