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Winning design #9 by operhal, CD Cover Design for One Lonely Mind - Kindle eBook Cover for Fiction Contest
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designed by operhal

Project description

One Lonely Mind by Alis Rowe Story synopsis: When Nazim's mother dies, he is left with nothing but an empty house with white walls that listen silently, and a black box that haunts him like a phantom in the night. Grieving and desolate, he seeks solace by reminiscing in a quiet landscape by the sea. His peace is disturbed when he meets Angel, a beautiful stranger, who steals his heart and runs away with it. Lost in this wonder - this phenomenon of a girl - Nazim follows her and they embark on a trip across a bridge of gold. He is determined to reach the end, but how long will it take? Written from the narratives of the two characters Nazim and Angel - so possible two-sided / relationship analogies Keywords: Asperger's Syndrome,spiritual,love,psychological,family,depression I like the idea of a golden bridge, forget me not flowers (a symbol in the book) or a seashore or simply text. Please note this is NOT chick-lit genre... a serious, loving story about life and love! Target audience is Young Adult to people in their twenties. Kindle art cover guidelines:

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  • Is there a specific time and place for the story? Time would be more important if it’s possible.
    • It was written when Nazim was an old man, but the epilogue is mainly based in 2006-2012. Place - somewhere like England, near the sea, with a castle in the distance.

  • It's cool, but doesn't suit the story. Thank you though for your efforts. x
    • Thank you and you are welcome. :) One question - do you prefer illustrations for your book cover or photography?

    • I like what you've done so far, the illustrations - it's quirky. Love it so far......

  • prefer blue
  • I'm really liking this so far.
    • I am glad to hear that :) do you have some suggestions - i can try different color scheme maybe? Do you have some tag line to put on the book cover?

    • No tag lines. Please do try another colour scheme. You are talented!

  • Like clouds and stars but don't like the 'strings' attaching them
    • Thank you for your rating, please check version without strings. Best regards

  • Like it, except the person on the bridge.
  • Hello, do you have a sample of a catchphrase you'd like to use ? and also i see that U are font of pictures on cover too, so you don't mind if i'm working with that ? Otherwise stop me now ! ;) Regards, Mike
  • Quite nice - I like it. Where would the "by Alis Rowe" be?
    • Glad you like it. Now there´s a new version with "by Alis Rowe"

  • Nice! Instead of the fish, can we have forget me not flowers (more symbolic to the story). Can the big leaves become stars?
    • Hello Alis, please check this new versions #4 and #5 for your book cover and please rate designs - that's how we know are we on the good tracks or not :) best regards

  • Too "anime". Like the idea but it's too Japanese studio Ghibli style.
    • Hi, interesting comment. Thanks for the feed back. Will try to do few more versions. :)

    • Oh... very unfortunate.. I can't upload new designs as I can only upload 3, since I'm in level 1... :(

    • Oh no. Thanks for your effort anyway.

  • Like the waves but the lighthouse has no meaning in the book. The bridge however, does! :)
    • I was thinking like - lighthouse symbol of hope in wavy sea, hope for lost souls etc :)I can try to incorporate bridge in this design best regards

  • It's cool but doesn't suit the story. Thank you!
  • Too dark and space/universe-y. It's not a sci-fi novel and I think this suggests it is. It's nice though.
  • Thank you, it's okay but not quite what I want. I do like the flowers though.
  • I think the contest holder likes juvenile artworks.
  • Dear Alis, is there anything else I can do before contest end? Best regards
    • |--|

      operhal wrote:
      Dear Alis, is there anything else I can do before contest end? Best regards
      |--| Hi operhal, nope I think I'm very, very happy with your work! Unless you have any other ideas / slight modifications on the current design? Well done.